Fashionable, simple, 90 square meters, upgraded, w

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When sufficient light pours into the warm home and touches everything in this space, those pure and lively colors and warm style home products quietly enter the room, and the warmth of the whole small family is instantly sublimated. This case is such a warm room. And the design of the living room magically gives people colorful visual enjoyment

decoration style: fashionable and simple

decoration area: 90 square meters

decoration house type: 2 rooms and 2 halls

more decoration effect drawings:

decoration bidding registration:

modern chandeliers, comfortable sofas, simple white solid wood tea tables, and handmade wool blankets

the restaurant is elegant and very modern, and the whole set of dining tables and chairs are well matched

the whole kitchen cabinet with lemon yellow makes people feel full of vitality. This is the kitchen, clean and bright

the solid wood floor is peach red, which is very warm. The simple European style wooden bed is very fine, so is the bedside table. The wool pad makes people warm





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