The white romance that cannot be missed in yakopo'

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White reminds people of pure white angels, innocent childhood girls, and black-and-white photos in memory; White makes people feel the good taste of life and reminds people of sweet marshmallows

clear black fonts flow in the white pages, just like the shining stars in the starry sky at night. The white bookcase series created by yakopo brings people a beautiful memory of the innocent era

Trulli, white bookcase, white desk, white desk lamp, a white place in the home, elegant appearance, fresh and bright. Like more than 1000 beautiful white conical stone houses in Italy's "Paradise town" - Trulli, it was amazed as "a white encounter you can't miss during travel"

flora, a combination of fresh and elegant milky white and Roman style decoration, makes the whole series like the Roman flower god flora, with a dignified appearance and romantic feelings

blowing a comfortable breeze, feeling the pleasure brought by books, the shallow flowing fragrance, refreshing. With the afternoon sunshine, make a cup of good tea and turn some yellowing pages. The touch of page by page brings people the joy of knowledge

with the freshness of the grass, soar in the vast sky of knowledge, move forward slowly, don't worry, because you know that life will give you treatment

would you like to miss the "white romance" brought by yakopo to your life? Towards the bright sunshine, step by step close to this pure white ocean





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