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Jingang glass transformed into digital marketing by heavily acquiring hanen Internet

Jingang glass (300093), which was originally a security glass manufacturing industry, is about to transform into digital marketing through acquisition after being suspended for more than 3 months due to the restriction of oil source flow

according to the major asset restructuring announcement released by King Kong Glass today, the company plans to acquire 100% of the equity of Nanjing han'en digital Internet Culture Co., Ltd. at a consideration of 506million yuan. Among them, the company plans to pay 263million yuan in cash to Yuan fan, Gaoyuan and Kaiya, the three shareholders of han'en Internet, and the remaining 2. RMB 4.3 billion was paid by issuing shares at a price of RMB 7.23 per share, totaling 33.59 million shares; At the same time, Jingang glass will raise 168million yuan of supporting funds in the form of private placement

according to the data, han'en Internet is an overall solution provider for digital marketing experience. At present, it has established two core business segments on the offline line of "holographic multimedia interactive digital display + mobile operation"

it is understood that with the rapid development of projection technology and display technology, the glass window inside the building and the glass facade facing the street outside the building may become a good display carrier of digital video information. One of the main businesses of han'en Internet is to operate "naked eye 3D advertising" on these carriers

in terms of profitability, han'en Internet is obviously better than diamond glass. The net profit of han'en Internet in the first four months of this year reached 13.37 million yuan, which has exceeded the profit level of diamond glass in 2013. The three shareholders of han'en Internet promise that the net profit deducted by han'en Internet from 2014 to 2017 will not be less than 42million yuan, 55million yuan, 66million yuan and 76million yuan

with regard to the intention of acquiring han'en Internet, until the 1960s, these alloys were the backbone materials for aviation to consolidate and improve the enterprise's share in the western market. Zhuangdajian, chairman of gang glass, told the securities times that the company's transformation closely followed the construction of "smart city", and the original fire-proof and other special glass was the hardware foundation for the construction of "safe city", The mobile operation of han'en Internet belongs to the software foundation of "digital city", and the combination of "one hard and one soft" is the real "smart city"

Zhuang Dajian said that the complementarity between King Kong Glass and han'en Internet is not limited to the manufacturing and advertising carrier of glass, which accounts for 34.7% of the high-tech industry. In the future, the company's products will not only undertake fire prevention and safety functions, but also integrate the development and operation experience of han'en Internet's mobile app, customize the mobile terminal security monitoring system for customers in the building glass, and realize the docking with the socialized security resources in the region

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