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In early September, Jimsar County reached a purchase agreement with Xinjiang Tianhong Group to purchase 5000 mu of wild Achnatherum splendens in Caozi village, Sanchang Town, Beiting Town, Jimsar County at the purchase price of 0.4 yuan per kilogram. Achnatherum splendens, which was neglected in the past, has the environmental friendly characteristics of low-carbon, green and renewable materials overnight, which has attracted much attention. Its high value is 0.12 yuan higher than the purchase price of reed

Achnatherum splendens is one of the raw materials for papermaking. 5. Displacement measurement: the paper produced with a resolution of 0.01mm has the characteristics of less impurities, high pulp yield and good paper quality

Sanchang Caozi village, a herdsman settlement in Beiting Town, has 25000 mu of natural grassland dominated by wild Achnatherum splendens. Over the years, Achnatherum splendens resources have been destroyed by grazing activities. Since 2002, the whole county found that the part causing the fault was fenced and banned from grazing, this Achnatherum splendens grassland has come back to life again. Nearly 5000 mu of Achnatherum splendens grows densely, up to 2 meters high

leaders of Beiting town and cadres of Sanchang Caozi village of the county took the initiative to go to Shihezi Tianhong Group for negotiation. Through many field visits, Tianhong Group reached an agreement with jimusar county to purchase Achnatherum splendens for a long time, and determined this Achnatherum splendens grassland as the raw material production base of Tianhong Group

it is understood that after the wild Achnatherum splendens is purchased by order, the settled herdsmen in Sanchang Caozi village alone will increase their income by more than 150000 yuan, or 1200 yuan per capita

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