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Jihua increased the export of chlorosulfonated polyethylene

in line with GB and I, marking an important step in the transformation of the enterprise. Under the fierce competition in the domestic chlorosulfonated polyethylene market, the sales branch of Jihua Co., Ltd. focused on the international market and exported 413 tons of csm-40 chlorosulfonated polyethylene products in the first half of the year, twice the export volume of the same period last year

chlorosulfonated polyethylene is mainly used to produce various insulating materials such as rubber hoses, wires and cables. Since its substitute chloroprene rubber surfaced in 2001, it has seriously impacted the chlorosulfonated polyethylene market, and the domestic market demand has shown a shrinking trend. In view of this situation, the sales branch coordinated with the factory to divide the original products into three types according to the quality grade. The high-grade products are mainly sold overseas. It is suggested that the factory change the original packaging to enhance the product competitiveness. In May alone, 170 tons of products were exported. In the first half of the year, the export volume reached 49% of the total sales volume

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