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there are problems in the construction inspection industry

according to the statistics of the National Bureau of data, from 2002 to 2013, the number of China's construction quality inspection agencies that focus on material scientific inspection increased from 5500 to 30098, and the number of certification agencies increased from 122 to 174. The rapid development of the number of testing enterprises and the lack of third-party supervision have led to many serious problems:

1, chaos. The submitted samples, testing process, testing data and conclusions are seriously falsified

2. Lack of management. Internal management is disordered, which leads to enterprise efficiency, collaboration,

3 and lack of skills. The personnel skill training is not in place, and the entry threshold for foreign-funded testing institutions is high

4. Low level of information deployment. Only a few cities have completed the testing information management system, but the monthly report, quick report and various material testing data are not uploaded in time, and there is no authoritative organization to test the authenticity of these data

xtools crm

Nanchong Jiaxing Construction Quality Inspection Co., Ltd. signed for Jiaxing construction quality inspection is a domestic professional construction quality inspection team. Its service scope mainly includes: building material inspection, construction project site inspection, building energy conservation inspection, indoor air inspection, highway municipal inspection, and foundation inspection. The deployment of CRM has solved many business problems of Jiaxing in customer management, project management, contract order, salary and field team management

customer management

with the rapid development of Internet, the concept of CRM and its role value have also been popularized and applied rapidly. CRM has broken away from simple member data entry and touched on all aspects of business management. For example, with regard to customer management, xtools involves the management of customer data, such as duplicate checking, filtering, cognition, in-depth mining, customer maintenance and information flow. Specifically, the problems it solves and the great convenience of tortuous devices in the opposite direction are shown in Jiaxing construction inspection enterprises, mainly including

I and anti-collision list. Once the same customer is entered into the CRM system by a, it can no longer be entered by B or C colleagues, and there is almost no collision. In addition, it also greatly avoids the entanglement of the same customer with a, B, C or other after-sales specialists or marketing personnel. No matter whether the customer is testing the company's scale or selecting a more interested salesman for himself, from the company's interests, it wastes n people's time and energy at the same time, which is a great waste of enterprise resources

II. Convenience. The unified customer management platform integrates SMS and mass email interfaces, which greatly facilitates enterprises to release enterprise dynamics, activity promotion and holiday care to customers in real time

Ⅲ. Data sharing and calling. For example, the information source of customer data and its modified information can be used in many business scenarios. The user can directly obtain it without any manual operation. In actual work, for example, when a business person leaves his/her job or asks for maternity leave, all customer information under his/her name can be transferred to the name of person in charge C with one click; For example, the sales data of business personnel directly flows into the finance for automatic calculation of sales commission; Another example is the automatic generation of data reports based on various information flows, weekly reports, monthly reports and volume (call duration of incoming and outgoing calls, etc.). These are invisible to standardize and optimize the business process and improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise

ⅳ. Cognition and deep mining. Not only Jiaxing construction inspection, but also you, as an enterprise, are exposed to hundreds of customer clues every day. How can you make limited business personnel maximize the identification value of data and smoothly trust you? Sign the bill. Here xtools has made a more elaborate system to achieve the wishes of the public. First, after entering the customer's detailed information and understanding the customer's needs, make a label for the customer: whether it is a hot customer (the customer marked as a hot customer will be automatically reminded on the workbench); Then the customer will be directly arranged to enter the sales merchandising process, which is an important process. The functions of the main sales nodes, such as recording, call recording, communication rabbit, project management, team speaking, SMS and e-mail group sending, all of which reasonably contribute to the success of the final contract signing

project management

in addition to customer management, sales project tracking is also a function frequently used by Jiaxing construction quality. For example, the service project of indoor air inspection mainly involves consultation (determining the inspection items, prices, appointment time and place) - signing the contract, paying and invoicing - on-site sampling - sending for inspection, testing and analysis - issuing the report. The whole process takes about working days. This is a relatively simple project in engineering quality inspection. It can be followed up in the general way of sales, involving, for example, the routine inspection of building raw materials, It involves the detection of hundreds of indicators of more than 20 projects, such as cement, natural sand, reinforcement, concrete, brick, etc. the project management will be very simple and organized. The benefit of project management lies in the unified management of multi-party relations to ensure that the project is delivered on time and according to quality; Reduce project costs; Risk control; Achieve or exceed expectations

in addition to the project Merchandising Management CRM, the team said that it can also play the role of real-time communication, project promotion, task distribution, etc. in the project merchandising. Compared with the lifestyle, the team said that it can locate the enterprise communication, intelligently extract the person, time, event, location and other information in the communication content, and create a to-do list with the specific person in charge of Aite. The words and sounds are displayed synchronously, and we will never encounter the dilemma of watching others' screen swiping and tossing to find content in group chat

personnel specific salary management

1. Salary content is customized to meet the diversified salary needs of enterprises

2. Automatically capture sales performance and automatically calculate Commission

3. Built in multiple calculation formulas, intelligent salary calculation is simpler (such as automatic tax calculation, attendance salary, etc.)

3. Intelligent salary payment process: as the Chinese founder of SaaS CRM, he has provided CRM software services for 50wsales of 3w+ small and medium-sized enterprises in 53 industries. In terms of brand reputation, public praise, cost performance, market share, product line integrity and product value, xtools is a very sophisticated manufacturer in the CRM market. The concept of the hexathlon enterprise smart cloud will also continue to reach enterprises with low information popularity to help them complete the interpretation of business transformation and innovation potential. 5. Clamp the end of sample 1 on the upper jaw. Xtools enterprise smart cloud brings more thinking about enterprise operation. Although it is broad and complex, it can be easily solved with CRM, and my team collaboration ability is rising. The person in charge of Jiaxing quality inspection said so

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