How to use the Internet to obtain more printing bu

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How to use the Internet to get more printing business

in 2010, looking at the development trend of the printing industry, we should see that printing enterprises can make more money by using computers and technology. Moreover, these skills have been verified in other printing enterprises, and can indeed help enterprises win customers, improve efficiency and increase revenue

key point 1: find more customers through search engines

enterprises can log in to the search engine station and enter their own address, and use the functions around the search to find the target customers who need printing services. You can also enter the association to see how many trade associations or marketing companies, training companies and other enterprises that may buy printed materials are around

in addition, it can provide a free list on the search engine station, so that the beam mobile customers who are important for the experimental machine can find you more easily. Any enterprise requires that it can create a free list through the local enterprise center. When potential customers search the local information through the map, they will see your company's address, business hours, and photos of stores and products. It's simple and fast, no cost, and you don't need to build your own station. Interested enterprises can log in to register, check and browse enterprise information at any time, and see how customers evaluate you on

key point 2: understand and master knowledge about PDF printing production

pdf is a very important file format. We should learn how to use PDF files in the printing environment as soon as possible, so as to learn to solve PDF problems encountered in production through various PDF plug-ins, so as to reduce the burden of prepress staff

some printing enterprises have achieved automation, but they do not make good use of these functions. Many Rip (raster image processor) supporting digital printing machines have the function of hot folder, which can automatically page and complete other tasks. These hot folders need to be used in the PDF workflow. In addition, many plate making machines are now equipped with support for hot folders and automated workflow. If they cannot be better utilized, at least 25% of the capacity of the equipment will be wasted

point 3: use the automatic backup system

because you store everything on the computer, you must ensure the security of the data. When our products are more diverse and the computer crashes, you will not only lose files, but also lose the operating system, programs and set parameters. Therefore, back up your operating system, programs, download updates and rip parameters, and don't let computer failures ruin your business

point 4: open a blog

printing enterprises attach great importance to technology, and are willing to pass their information to customers and "high-quality potential customers. Therefore, opening a blog on is very simple, so that potential customers can find printing enterprises

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