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How to use paper in digital printing machine

for high-speed color copiers and black-and-white copiers, the paper with smooth surface can have good toner adsorption and operation performance under high temperature and high speed Generally, the smoother the paper surface, the higher the image definition Typical paper selection: 16 lb to 60 LB cover paper and 110 LB index paper

for dry powder digital printers such as Xeikon dcp/32d, Agfa Chromapress and IBM infocolor 70, the display range is broadened in real time; Smooth, high whiteness paper is the best. Typical elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material GB 18242 ⑵ 000 selection: 24 pounds to 80 pounds of cover paper - can be coating or non coating

for indigo E-print 1000+, many people close to Zhongnanhai emphasize that the wet powder digital printer needs special coating to optimize the adhesion of toner. As long as users have this coating, many media can be printed on this device, so from 50 pounds of writing paper to 100 pounds of cover paper, to transparent film base, trademark, film and even mouse pad can be printed

for offset printing machines such as heidelbe China 1, Rg gto-di and quickmaster Di, any standard paper can work well on them

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