How to use plastics to bring innovation to medical

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How to use plastics to bring innovation to medical devices

at present, from large-scale diagnostic instruments to all kinds of disposable medical supplies, plastics are inseparable from plastics, which plays an increasingly important role in the medical device industry. With the rapid development of medical plastics industry, "chinaplas2015 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" will hold a "medical plastics forum" with the theme of medical treatment for two consecutive days on May, focusing on the design of humanized medical devices, 3D drug printing technology and the technological innovation of medical plastics in China, and discussing the development direction of medical plastics products and relevant laws and regulations

the policy intensive promotion period has triggered the potential for the rapid development of China's medical science and technology

3D printing drugs provide patients with cheaper and more personalized treatment schemes

the medical industry has put forward increasingly stringent requirements for the design freedom of raw materials, biocompatibility and the ability to manufacture small and complex shapes. Thanks to excellent mechanical and biological properties, plastics are very attractive in medical applications. At the same time, China's medical reform policy has begun to tilt towards urban and rural grassroots, and it is planned to establish a basic medical and health system covering urban and rural residents by 2020. Therefore, the national investment in the new medical reform has increased significantly, prompting non operators to stop the start-up and operation of medical devices, and further releasing the market demand. In view of the booming medical market, Ms. Zhang Donghui, manager of the scientific research and Development Department of Tianjin Plastic Research Institute Co., Ltd., will present a report entitled "development overview of medical plastic products in China" at the medical seminar of this rubber and plastic exhibition, focusing on the current types and characteristics of domestic medical plastic products, the requirements of medical plastic products for material biological properties, and the research on improving blood compatibility

on the other hand, the opportunities brought by the reform of domestic medical device regulations to the industry cannot be underestimated. Last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the special approval procedure for innovative medical devices (Trial), giving priority to innovative medical devices, encouraging domestic research and innovation of medical devices, and promoting the promotion and application of new technologies for medical devices. At the same time, the food and drug administration has newly revised the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices to further standardize the industry management, and will appropriately relax the requirements for the research and development of medical devices, in order to actively promote the upgrading and innovation of medical devices. At this forum, Mr. zhongzhihui, managing director of aozida medical device service group, will explain in detail the reform of medical device regulations in 2014. Plastic, as a new favorite of the medical device industry, will gradually become the protagonist of the medical device market with the country's strong support for the innovative development of the industry

future medical device trends: personalized, humanized, fast and small batch

medical device design to meet the diverse needs of the population

the statistical data of the World Health Organization shows that nearly 60% of drugs in the world have expired, while at the same time, more than 50% of patients cannot receive effective treatment. The reason is that the production mode of drugs is also to blame. Drugs need to go through a lot of links from pharmaceutical factories to patient audiences. At present, the technical parameters of temperature change rate provided by foreign environmental experimental equipment manufacturers refer to the whole process average rate. In response to this problem, hnan, a lecturer in pharmacy at the school of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences of the University of Central Lancashire, UK, will introduce personalized drugs - the application of 3D printing in pharmacy at this forum. This technology is independently developed by the University. It uses 3D printing technology to print drugs according to the dose, composition and quantity required by patients, providing patients with a cheaper, more efficient and more personalized treatment plan. At the same time, it improves the utilization rate of drugs, reduces waste, and greatly saves the cost of medical institutions

stefaniamarconi, a biomedical engineer and doctoral student in experimental surgery and microsurgery at the University of Pavia, will discuss with you "3D printed anatomical models for surgical planning, especially abdominal surgery". The scientific research project team of the university has rich experience in preoperative planning, especially in preoperative planning of abdominal surgery. Its laboratory is equipped with two 3D printers, which can print virtual models of surgical sites, which is of great benefit to surgeons to accurately evaluate various anatomical parameters. The laboratory has provided 3D printing models for the general surgery department of irccspoliclinicosanmatteo in Pavia, and provided effective help for the preoperative planning of abdominal surgery such as kidney transplantation and splenectomy. In addition, the laboratory also applied 3D printing technology to the manufacture of vascular models required for in vitro testing. In the 3D printing technology adopted by the University of Pavia, the application of plastics is also a key knowledge

in addition to personalization, the humanization concept running through the design of medical devices is also an inevitable trend of market development. Safety is the primary factor to be considered in the design of medical devices, but with the continuous development of the times, the service group is also more diversified. If the personalized needs in the design of medical devices are ignored, the safety of patients and medical staff may be affected. Mikemaczuzak, President of smartshapedesign, will share with you the relevant knowledge and design concepts of medical device design to meet the diverse needs of people in this seminar, and encourage medical device designers to meet the needs of different groups, including patients and medical staff, through the creative use of plastic technology

the ideal scheme from materials to components is efficient and low-cost to reach the international level

the medical plastics forum will focus on humanized medical device design and 3D drug printing technology

in addition, the technological innovation of Chinese local medical device manufacturing enterprises is a major concern of the exhibition. Lucasgaluppo, CEO of gaolv precision technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., will deliver a speech entitled "international precision medical plastics - how to make China's technological innovation components reach the technical level of Germany". The company's factory in Wuxi mainly produces auto parts, with professional automatic production technology, advanced production technology, and accurate control of the accuracy of the final product. Today, when plastics are widely used in the production of auto parts, high green precision technology, with its own advantages, quickly mastered the production process and market demand of medical devices, and made them stable, high-quality and efficient Low cost automated production processes have been introduced into the Chinese medical market. In this forum, lucasgaluppo will share the production technology and superb process level from Germany, so as to help local medical devices improve the production process of innovative components and strive to reach the superb technical level of Germany

in addition to the above-mentioned topics, tonysamurkas, the R & D director of high-performance plastics of shengxiao (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., will also be invited to the medical plastics forum. He will introduce the application of resins for medical devices. Francescofranceschettielastomerisr, an industrial and academic researcher, has been working on a printable structure that will spontaneously fold into a useful three-dimensional shape after heating or immersion in water. Francescofranceschetti, the business manager of L, has brought a new solution D. this new material is widely used in high-performance medical consumables and medical semi-finished products. Actegadsgmbh brings a report entitled "successful guidance for the medical industry to enter emerging markets" to the industry. The report will guide the audience through a step-by-step process to reduce risks and meet challenges, so as to help enterprises find the best strategy in the medical industry

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