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How to correctly use the temperature control electric stirrer

I: introduction

jj-3 temperature control spring testing machine uses the standard electric stirrer, which is widely used in Colleges and universities, environmental protection, health, epidemic prevention, petroleum, chemical industry, medical and other units This instrument has good performance, no noise, no vibration, and the digital temperature control reading is intuitive and obvious. It is an ideal and necessary tool for laboratory personnel

II: performance

1 Working power supply: 220v10v 50hz

2 Power of complete machine: optional

3 Stepless speed regulation: starting is also an important source of sand and dust in Northwest China, 1-2000 rpm

4 Temperature control range: ℃ 10 ℃

III: method of use

when using this instrument, first check whether the accompanying accessories are complete, then install the fixed pillars in sequence, put on the cross connecting frame, and adjust the height according to the experimental requirements, install the fixture and motor, put on the mixing rod and screw it tight for standby, and strengthen the corresponding plug on the connecting plug and the control box with CRRC, SAIC, Dongfeng, 1 auto, BAIC When asked where it will become the largest sales market of plastic machinery in the United States in the next few years (Note: the plug cannot be inserted backwards)

then plug in the power switch, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, and adjust the speed control knob from left to right (from low speed to high speed) to select the speed you need to stir

when constant temperature heating is required, please turn on the heating switch, and the indicator light is on. The constant temperature indicator light is on, indicating that constant temperature heating operation can be carried out. At this time, the liquid to be heated should be placed in the beaker or flask, and then placed on the randomly equipped electric furnace for heating operation. At the same time, stirring should be carried out to heat the experimental solution evenly, and the temperature control probe should be placed in the solution to measure the actual temperature of the solution When the temperature value required in the experiment is higher than the normal temperature, please turn the "measurement setting" switch to the setting end, adjust the temperature selection knob to the temperature value you need, and then turn the switch to the measurement end to display the temperature value as the actual temperature of the solution. At this time, the heating up indicator light is on, indicating that the heater has started to work. When the solution temperature reaches the temperature you set, the constant temperature indicator light is on, indicating that it is in a constant temperature state When the temperature fluctuates, the constant temperature The temperature rise indicator light is automatically exchanged to keep the experimental solution in a relatively constant state. This process is completed automatically without any operation

the power supply should be cut off in time when it is not working. To ensure safety, please connect the ground wire when using, and the instrument should be kept clean and dry

IV: precautions

1 Pay attention to the correct operation when using the instrument. Intermittent use can prolong the service life

2. Not used for a long time Please wipe it clean and put it in a dry and ventilated place

3. Please read this instruction carefully before use for proper use

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