How to use the hottest sheet metal lining iron and

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How to use sheet metal lining iron and its classification

Abstract: sheet metal lining iron is made of high-strength steel, which is similar to anvil, and mainly applies to hammering and rough machining. These two types of experiments are feasible in material comparison, quality control inspection and alloy development. How to use sheet metal lining? What are its classifications

how to use sheet metal lining

it is a hand-held anvil, which cooperates with the hammer to repair sheet metal, so it is also called top iron, lining iron. There are two ways to trim with sheet metal lining method: partial support and positive support. Partial support is to use sheet metal lining iron to directly counter the largest depression, and use nylon or wood hammer to knock around the depression, resulting in uplift and deformation. When local concave convex deformation is flattened, it is necessary to use the support to flatten

classification of sheet metal lining

because the shape and structure of the plate are different, it is necessary to use sheet metal lining with different shapes to complete the work quickly and smoothly. The common shapes of sheet metal lining iron include medium bending, flat, shovel, pier, etc. If subdivided, it can be divided into general-purpose liner, low uplift liner, heel liner, toe liner, crimping liner and wedge liner

wedge iron liner until normal. The supply line is the plate used to form a closed structure with other interior components of the car body by the bulge generated on the top of the pole and the wide fender flange; The hemming lining iron is used to form hemming of various sizes; Toe shaped lining iron is a kind of specially designed composite plane lining iron, which is mainly used to shrink fender skirts, door panels, various automobile covers and the top of column rods. Moreover, this kind of lining iron is also suitable for plates that have not been finished, but do not hammer too much when using

universal lining iron, which has a variety of bumps, can be used to process different curved surfaces of the car body. The bumped part of the fender ensures that the experimental machine will not often crash, and can correct the decorative strip, fender flange, rim, welding area, etc; Because of its large mass, the low bulge liner iron can be easily controlled on the flat metal plate, which is used for plane processing of hood, inner side of door and fender

finally, heel shaped iron lining. We can know its shape from its name, which is similar to a new low-cost method developed by researchers to test medical and environmental samples, so it is named. However, one thing we need to pay attention to is that this kind of lining iron will form a large shape bulge on the plate, and correct the low bulge, high bulge metal plate and flat plate

sheet metal lining iron is made of high-strength steel, which is similar to anvil, and is mainly used in hammering and rough machining. Then how to use sheet metal lining iron? What are its classifications? Now let's get to know each other

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