How to use packaging to identify fake and inferior

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How to use packaging to identify fake and inferior drugs

in recent years, there have been many fake drugs produced by regular manufacturers in the market. Due to the advanced means of counterfeiting, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the true and false from the packaging of drugs. As early as 2000, the State Food and Drug Administration promulgated the "Regulations on the administration of drug packaging, labels and instructions (Provisional)", which makes detailed provisions on drug packaging, labels and instructions. As drug regulators, we have the obligation to crack down on the use of packaging to manufacture and sell fake and inferior drugs. Next, based on the author's shallow experience in law enforcement at the grass-roots level, talk about how to use packaging to identify fake and inferior drugs:

first, approval number

the drug administration law stipulates that the production of drugs "must be approved by the drug regulatory department of the State Council and issued with an approval number", and each specification of each drug is issued with an approval number. The format of drug approval number: national drug approval word +1 letter +8 a number of foreign matters or mechanical damage in the screw rod and nut, the letter "H" for chemical drugs, the letter "Z" for traditional Chinese medicine, etc., the first and second digits of the number are the source code of the original approval number, of which "10" represents the drugs approved by the former Ministry of health, "19" and "20" represent the drugs approved by the State Drug Administration before January 1, 2002, Other drugs that use the first two digits of the provincial administrative division code are the drugs approved by the original provincial health administrative departments. Intermediates and polymers will occupy the dominant position. The third and fourth digits are the last two digits of the year of the year when the approval number is renewed, but the approval number from the Ministry of health and the State Drug Administration still uses the last two digits of the original year. The 5th to 8th digits of the number are sequence numbers. Some counterfeit drugs with changed packaging use forged drug approval numbers. For example, the approval number of the fake drug "zanshenyuan capsule" marked as produced by an enterprise in Qinghai Province is "Guoyao Zhun Zi Z", "81" after Z "is the regional code. According to the arrangement rules, the largest is only 65, and the code of Qinghai Province should be" 63 ". Therefore, this approval number is obviously forged. Some fake drugs that steal the drug approval number of other enterprises can be confirmed through Internet query

II. Trade name and common name of drugs

the packaging and printing of fake drugs seriously violates the "Regulations on the administration of packaging, labels and instructions for the price composition of drugs on waste paper and paper". The trade name is large, the common name is small, the trade name and the common name are written together, and there are no branches or the common name of drugs can not be seen by color transformation

III. barcode on drug packaging

bar code is a mark composed of a group of regularly arranged "bar", "empty" and corresponding characters to represent certain information. There are many kinds of bar codes. The common ones for drug and commodity identification are "general commodity bar code", also known as ean code. The country numbers assigned to China by the international Article Numbering Association are "690", "691", "692". (book and magazine bar codes are prefixed with 977 and 978). The bar codes of different products and packaged goods of different specifications from the same manufacturer are different, such as "Acetylspiramycin tablets" of Zhumadian pharmaceutical factory. The bar codes of medium packaging boxes are and small packaging boxes are. If looseness is found, if the bar code of the same product with the same specification as that of the manufacturer is inconsistent during the inspection, or the bar code of medium and small packaging is consistent, the drug is questionable

IV. contents of drug instructions

the drug instructions generally include more than ten items, such as [drug name], [Specification], [indications], etc. we should pay attention to the indications or functional indications of drugs during law enforcement inspection. Generally, this content of fake drugs will exaggerate the treatment effect, which is inconsistent with the indication range published by the State Food and drug administration. If we find such cases, we can check the indications and functional indications published by the State Administration, And verify with the local drug administration department of the drug manufacturer

v. manufacturer and number

if it is suspected that the packaging of drugs has been changed, contact the drug manufacturer in time according to the number marked on the drug packaging. If the number marked on the drug package cannot be connected or is not a drug manufacturer, contact the drug regulatory department where the drug manufacturer is located as soon as possible to verify whether the marked manufacturer exists. In addition, it is also necessary to contact the superior drug regulatory department in time to further expand the scope of tracing the source of counterfeit drugs by reporting the case, so as to form a joint force of cross regional joint crackdown on counterfeit drugs, so as to dig out the dens of counterfeiting in time

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