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From traditional personnel to modern HR

in just a few years, "human resource (HR) management" has "thousands of trees and flowers". From traditional personnel management to human resource management and then to human resource development, from career planning to human capital operation, what is the essence of the change? What content does HR contain when it becomes a fashionable name? Is it false or true that the salary of senior human resource managers continues to rise

HR journey: a ten-year road by one word

in 1996, the school of labor and personnel of Renmin University of China first recruited students majoring in human resource management. Dean Zeng Xiangquan went to Zhongshan Park in Beijing for college entrance examination consultation. Many parents asked, "what is human resource management? Is it family planning?" Nowadays, "human resource management" has become a familiar term for everyone in the workplace. When you listen, your ears are full of "people-oriented". When you look around, your eyes are full of "HR management" books. In just a few years, "personnel management" seems to have been eliminated, "human resource management" is hot. But is it a word difference in concept and process from human "things" to human "power"

under the traditional planned economy, the means of production, means of consumption, capital and labor are allocated by planning. People's identification is generally two: one is household registration, the other is archives. File management is a core of the traditional personnel system. For people who work in government offices, it is the symbol of cadre identity. Wang Li, who has worked in the organ all her life, believes that the traditional personnel department often appears as a political work department, and the focus of work is "things" rather than "people". Under the condition of market economy, labor relations are manifested in the contractual relationship between enterprises and employees, and the risks of enterprises and individuals are entirely borne by themselves. This leads to the competition mechanism between enterprises. In order to survive and develop in the competitive environment, human resource development naturally becomes a key point. "Competition in the 21st century is a competition for talents" is not just a joke movie line

an American human resource expert pointed out in the Research Report "the development trend and latest trends of human capital in the United States" that human resource management has become the core of the development of American enterprises. The influence of enterprise human resources department on enterprise strategic decision-making has increased from 15% in the past to 25%; The labor management function rose from 25% to 50%; While the personnel and administrative affairs function was reduced from 60% to 25%. In other words, the process from "personnel" to "human resources" is actually a process of constantly improving the human development function of the HR department and reducing its administrative affairs function. And this process is also the journey that Chinese enterprises have been trying hard to select high magnetic separation rollers for many years

hr status quo: transformation or rebirth

"human resources" has become a fashionable concept, many enterprises must call it "human resources", but are these enterprises simply transformed or deeply reborn

"at present, more and more enterprises in China are aware of the importance of human resources, and the overall trend is good." Mr. Hu Bayi, one of the top ten outstanding human resource management consultants in China, said with satisfaction. Of course, there are also some enterprises that lack in-depth and thorough understanding of human resource management. They only make some superficial things out of superficial understanding. Some even think that setting up a human resource management department, setting up several human resource management positions, and using a set of human resource management software is human resource management. Some enterprises have spent a lot of money to set up the positions of CEO and human resources director, but they have changed the soup without changing the medicine, and have not fundamentally realized the transformation to talent development

Mr. Miao, who once served as HR Manager in IT enterprises, said: "Some enterprises recruit people every year, but there is no clear positioning for where to go and what to do, resulting in disordered recruitment, and the job description and requirements of the required personnel are not clear. Before recruitment, the person in charge of some enterprises suddenly thought that talents should be introduced, so recruit a few graduate students and a few college students. There is no overall planning for the talent reserve and talent appointment of the whole enterprise, and now it appears There is no place to 'Digest' more recruits in the new year, and there will be less recruits in short supply next year. This will naturally lead to insufficient talents, mismatched posts, and disordered management, which will affect the development of the enterprise. "

in terms of content, human resource management is more systematic, professional and humanized than traditional personnel management, and it is not immediately effective by wearing a hat. Human resource management includes several systems: first, personnel planning system, that is, recruitment; Second, the incentive system, that is, compensation and welfare; Third, talent development system, that is, training; Fourth, interpersonal system, that is to create a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere. In addition, in recent years, human resource management has also proposed an organizational development system, that is, to plan the future development of employees and the whole organization at the level of enterprise strategic development

for enterprises, attaching importance to human resources work is not achieved by shouting a few slogans or fashionable terms. It requires a lot of changes

HR awareness: the general mobilization of the whole "enterprise"

modern human resource management is by no means a simple "anyone can do" thing like "pay wages and recruit people", but in fact, such simple affairs as "pay wages and fill in forms" are only the most basic work of HR: service work. Modern enterprises need professional and systematic HR talents to provide enterprises with strategic talent planning and incentives. This not only requires the attention of enterprise decision-makers, but also requires human resource managers' own heavy computer to receive and process data, draw curve view, and generally improve the awareness of employees

for example, as a center of human resource management, salary management is often complained by human resource managers that "it's hard to do tensile test, stress test and bending test to please". Compensation is based on performance, but the standard of performance is often difficult to determine. The results of some jobs are difficult to quantify, which leads to the "fuzziness" of performance standards. "For example, we do human resource management ourselves. Performance is not as quantifiable as salesperson. How to consider ourselves is a problem. If the standard is set low, the people who do this have opinions, if the standard is set high, the people who don't do this have opinions." Zhang, director of the human resources department of an enterprise, said, "we worked hard to determine the performance standard, but due to market changes and other factors, the performance standard often changes. As a result, it took more than half a year and finally subsided and returned to its original form."

in addition, at present, there is still a big problem in some enterprises, "enterprise employees have inexplicable misunderstandings about human resource managers. They think that the implementation of systems or norms by human resource management departments is' for the tiger ', so they do not cooperate." Wang Hong, who was in charge of the training, said painfully, "for example, training, everyone knows it's important. But everyone is very busy, so we can't stop working? For employees, the immediate work is the most important. In order to let them participate in the training, we have adopted mobilization means such as soft coax and hard force, and we were half tired and resisted and disdained..."

therefore, human resources work is not just a matter for human resources managers, It is the business of every employee in the whole enterprise. Only with the recognition and cooperation of all employees can the concept of human resources be truly implemented and real human resource management be achieved

hr quality: background is not important

Mr. Rao Jun, who has been an HR Manager in large Japanese funded and American funded enterprises, believes that modern human resource management attaches great importance to the professionalization and systematization of management. It's not important whether practitioners study human resources, but their own quality. "I think as a very successful HR, we need to achieve three P's: passion, professional Al, patient. Passion needs passion, because people's work may be multifaceted and trivial, so you need to have a persistent enthusiasm and be willing to help people, so as to do a good job in HR work; second, we need to be professional, that is, professional, which must have HR expertise; third, we need to be patient and trivial Your work needs your patience to complete, and you can't rush for success. "

in the view of many senior human resources experts, it is not the most important to have a professional background. The important thing is to quickly understand and integrate into the enterprise culture and transfer the core values of the enterprise to every part of the enterprise. Therefore, the overall concept is very important. Enterprises of different natures need different types of human resources managers

hr talent: is it so valuable

in recent years, as the popularity of "human resources" continues, the importance of human resources departments has become increasingly prominent, and it has become an indisputable fact that enterprises have an increasing demand for human resources managers. Among them, the demand for senior HR with rich experience and familiar with international rules is particularly urgent

although there are more than 3 million human resource management practitioners in China, there are less than 9000 senior human resource management talents. The difficult situation has led major enterprises to recruit talents with high salaries, and the salary of senior human resource managers continues to rise. According to a survey, the annual salary of human resources managers in foreign enterprises is about 60000-100000 yuan, and that of human resources directors is 100000-400000 yuan; The annual salary of the director of human resources in private enterprises is also about 100000-150000 yuan. It is understood that senior human resource managers with international expert qualifications are even more valuable, with an annual salary of up to 800000 yuan

people can't help asking: Is HR worth so much money? Can their contribution to the enterprise be equated with their salary

in this regard, Mr. Hu Bayi believes that "whether human resource managers are valuable depends on whether they have done the corresponding work for the enterprise. The impact of human resource management on the enterprise is like an" invisible hand ", which promotes enterprise decision makers to know and make good use of people, and also enables employees to better fulfill their duties and realize value. When enterprises attach importance to it, they will naturally reuse it."

Mr. Rao Jun, the director of human resources, used an analogy: "if all departments of the enterprise are like athletes running on the sports field, then in the past, human resource managers were just spectators outside the field, but after 1995, human resource managers have begun to enter the field. They enter the field not to replace players to run, but to give coaches (enterprise decision makers) in due time through the analysis of their own side and the other side's players Appropriate suggestions, considering the overall situation, put the player on the most suitable track to ensure the final victory. This is the value created by human resource managers. Can you say that this is not worth money? "

Mr. Yin bin, the manager of the human resources department, said more simply: "gold is valuable, stone is priceless. Human resources work is like a 'stone'. If you don't know how to appreciate it, it's a stone; but if you know how to appreciate it and find its value, it's a valuable gem."

in short, when human resource management becomes a crucial round in the rolling wheel of sound operation of enterprises, it is not surprising that enterprise decision-makers will pay attention to it in the form of heavy money. Their performance, although the results show that they are not as vivid as the sales and technology departments

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