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From quantitative change to qualitative change, domestic robot enterprises usher in a critical period

in recent years, China's robot industry has ushered in rapid development, but the crazy influx of a large number of enterprises has led to frequent problems in the development of the industry. Now, the development of enterprises has gradually returned to rationality, and it also needs to form multi-party cooperation with the government and the industry, so as to finally help the industry enter the road of high-quality development

in recent years, the development of China's robot industry has shown a rapid growth trend. The domestic robot market has maintained an average growth rate of more than 20% for five consecutive years. The market share of domestic industrial robots has reached one third of the global market. China has become one of the world's major robot application markets

while the domestic machine market has maintained rapid development, enterprises in the industry have also ushered in the transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change. According to data statistics, the growth rate of the registered number of robot enterprises in 2017 was 15% lower than that of the previous year. The development of the industry is changing from quantitative growth to quality focus, and the development of enterprises is gradually changing from blindly following the trend to rational return

rational return these problems need to be solved urgently

the robot industry, as an emerging industry, has been warmly pursued by many enterprises in recent years. From the industrial manufacturing field to the service field, one enterprise after another enters the code robot, and the crazy influx of enterprises, on the one hand, has driven the rapid development of the whole industry, on the other hand, has also brought some industry problems

when the number of enterprises is growing crazily, everyone's focus is on how to make enterprises get a foothold quickly. Most enterprises adopt the method of continuously reducing gross profit margin, which eventually turns into vicious competition. Not only has the basic technology not been developed in a breakthrough, but also the concentration of the industry has become lower and lower. So far, there has been no unified standard and specification for the development of the industry

when the industry development has gradually changed from quantity to quality, the demand for industry standards and norms for the high-quality development of enterprises has become stronger, and the establishment of systematic and complete industry standards has become urgent

in addition, in the development process, although some enterprises have many innovation highlights, these innovations are mainly concentrated at the end of the industrial chain, and are relatively weak in the production of core components and the acquisition of key technologies. Enterprises should go. 1. In order to protect personal safety and develop to high quality, breakthroughs in core components and key technologies will be the top priority

finally, the high-quality development of enterprises cannot be separated from the investment and support of capital. At present, the state has certain policy support, but there is no dividend subsidy, and it is difficult to rely on the enterprise's own profits to maintain. Most enterprises choose to win the support of venture capital. However, due to the profit seeking nature of the investment community and strict profit requirements, only a few enterprises can obtain investment

therefore, how to provide a sustainable source of funds for the basic research of enterprises is a practical problem that enterprises must solve to maintain stability and move towards high-quality development

multi party cooperation helps enterprises to complete the tough tasks

at present, to complete the tough tasks of these problems, enterprises need to form good cooperation with the government and the industry. Only with the joint efforts of multiple parties can the industry finally move towards high-quality development

it is a logical progression from financial problems to weak key technologies, and then to the lack of industry standards and norms. Only by solving the practical problems of enterprise funds can we solve the development problems of lack of core parts and weak key technologies, and only by solving the core problems of enterprise development can we finally promote the effective establishment of industry standards and norms

therefore, in view of the capital problem of enterprises in the first place, on the one hand, the government needs to adhere to the long-term opening-up policy to provide a stable international market for the normal sales and production of enterprises; On the other hand, the government also needs to actively establish a national research support fund. Only when the state deepens the support from the policy level to the fund subsidy level, can the development of enterprise basic technology be faster

in addition, the industry itself also needs to strengthen the promotion and application of the robot industry. Only with the combination of production and use can enterprises achieve profits, and only with the combination of production and use can the market get more capital favor

guide reading and the establishment and standardization of industry standards require not only the guidance of the government and the industry, but also a number of high-quality enterprises, including both decathlon industry giants and specialized and new specialty students. The government actively cultivates industry leading enterprises and specialized enterprises, which not only contributes to the formation of domestic industry standards and the development of technology, avoids malicious competition, but also effectively improves the international competitiveness and bargaining power of the industry, and reduces the cost burden of domestic brands when prices rise

finally, enterprises also need to establish friendly cooperative relations. Different enterprises can carry out in-depth cooperation between channels and technology, technology and technology, and open up the technology and information gap between enterprises through cooperation. By the end of 2017, the production capacity of Guoliang copper high conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new materials will reach 20000 tons, and through cooperation, we can jointly promote the development of basic technology, Contribute to the norms and progress of the industry through cooperation

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