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From photovoltaic to lithium battery industry transformation and upgrading to promote high-quality development

the scenery of the plateau is always infinitely beautiful, especially in Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone in Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province. The demand and technical requirements for plastic granulators are also constantly improving. Through the construction of photovoltaic energy industry development base and lithium battery industry base, Sichuan Industrial Park presents a unique "scenery" of green development in China

"for the photovoltaic industry, Qinghai's entire industry scale is currently the largest in the country, and the potential is very huge. We want to invest good technology into good provinces. For this reason, we are actively docking with Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone and joining the photovoltaic industry chain as soon as possible." Duan Yuhe, President of Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd., said of the photovoltaic industry

at present, Dongchuan Industrial Park has initially formed a vertical and collaborative photovoltaic whole industry chain integrating single and polycrystalline silicon manufacturing - slicing process - solar cells and modules - solar photovoltaic power generation, and gathered a large number of photovoltaic production and manufacturing enterprises. The capacity of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, battery and module has reached 7000 tons, 17500 tons, 500 MW and 1 gigawatt respectively. The industrial technology level ranks in the forefront of the country, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of battery has reached 21%. The Yellow River Hydropower photovoltaic industry technology center, a leading national photovoltaic Key Laboratory in the world, has also been established in cooperation with the Yellow River hydropower company

green, which also relies on the development of Qinghai salt lake resources, plays an important role in effectively using materials, improving processes, improving product quality, reducing costs, and ensuring product safety and reliability. The lithium battery industry has also seized the commanding height of the energy storage market. In Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone, relying on leading enterprises such as BYD and Taifeng, with power and energy storage cell manufacturing as the core, we have vigorously developed the lithium battery supporting industry, accelerated the creation of the whole industry chain, and consolidated the foundation of 100 billion lithium battery base

according to the person in charge of Xining Economic and Information Technology Commission, the lithium battery industry has initially formed a circular economy industrial chain dominated by "cathode materials - cathode materials - diaphragm - lithium ion batteries", and is moving towards the influential 100 billion yuan lithium battery industrial base in the country

in the biological park of Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone, many leading enterprises of Tibetan medicine, such as Jinhe Tibetan medicine and Jiumei Tibetan medicine, have settled in, implemented mergers and acquisitions, technological transformation and capacity expansion, optimized allocation, expanded production, and promoted the innovation and industrialization of major disease treatment drugs, which not only expanded the production capacity of the park, but also made many enterprises become the main force to promote the development of Tibetan medicine in China

it can be seen that Xining has built a 100 billion lithium battery industry base and photovoltaic manufacturing center based on its industrial foundation and comparative advantages, cultivated and expanded green emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, and tightened the environmental access and pollution emission control of industrial projects by accelerating the pilot of Industrial Park recycling transformation demonstration and low-carbon industrial park, forming a recycling industry, agriculture and service industry system. Efforts should be made to transform ecological advantages and resource advantages into industrial advantages and competitive advantages due to the improvement of matrix infiltration on GF surface

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