Alibaba cloud AI helps build digital agriculture

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Alibaba cloud AI helps build "digital agriculture"

Alibaba cloud AI helps build "digital agriculture"

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original title: Alibaba cloud AI helps him put forward "rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong expressed a solution to build" digital agriculture "

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 15 (Zhang Quan, Li Yang) scan" the location capture module of QR code identity photoelectric encoder adopts hardware module certificate ", It can monitor the growth cycle of each melon, and master the crop watering, fertilization and maturity in real time... By using artificial intelligence technology, Haisheng group can control the whole process of agricultural products from sowing, growth, picking and transportation, ensure the quality, and greatly reduce the planting cost

it is learned from Alibaba cloud that Alibaba cloud cooperates with Haisheng group, an agricultural industrialization enterprise, to develop intelligent farming systems and promote the transformation from "agricultural digital" to "digital agriculture" through the full application of artificial intelligence

in Haisheng group, artificial intelligence has been applied in modern agricultural planting technology, digital intelligent management and control, orchard data collection and IOT, etc. "The traditional agriculture of" relying on nature "has been transformed into precise and visible intensive farming." Fengxinxin, manager of tropical fruit business department of Haisheng group, said that AI has reduced the production cost per mu by 200 yuan, and the total cost has been saved by about 20million yuan

Tian Feng, director of Alibaba cloud Research Center, introduced that "double Platforms + et" is the core architecture of this intelligent farming system: through sharing business platforms, application components can be shared, so that agricultural enterprises can obtain the agile innovation ability similar to Internet enterprises; Gather internal and external industrial data and exploit the commercial value of the data through the medium stage of big data of weak stability maintenance in the scrap market of agricultural day 10; Through "et agricultural brain", we can tap the efficiency potential in the complex production environment. Enterprises can carry out intelligent agricultural production management and intelligent agricultural analysis according to the real-time agricultural visualization "digital map"

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