Top 20 DuPont innovative packaging works

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The 20th DuPont innovative packaging works collection (II)

Award: Breakthrough Innovation Award

work name: Jordan organic ceresls packaging

Jordan o ball screw is E5 grade rganic ceresls packaging

Description: this first biodegradable flexible packaging is conducive to the brand promotion of natural products and can be effectively recycled. It is made of renewable raw materials and can be degraded and composted. Consumers can compost the package under domestic or industrial conditions. This package is very in line with Jordan's environmental protection and sustainable development strategy, but also conducive to reducing waste pollution

Award: Breakthrough Innovation Award

work name: earthcycletm natureflextm organic kiwi packaging

earthcyc repeat this process 1 until 16 layers (typical composite laminated structure) letm? Natureflextm organic kiwi packaging

Description: earthcycletm natureflextm organic kiwi packaging is a new type of packaging designed for fresh agricultural products, which is completely made of renewable materials and biodegradable materials. Its earthcycletm tray is made of palm fiber, the raw material of natureflextm film is renewable resources, and the label on the package is also a certified material for household composting. In addition, this kind of packaging simplifies the processing procedure of packaging and is conducive to the brand promotion of this natural organic agricultural product

Award: outstanding achievement award

work name: plantlovetm lipstick packaging

plant first clamp the sample on the end of sensor 1 lovetm lipstick packaging

Description: Lipstick has various types, and the packaging materials used are also different, but most materials do not meet the requirements of recycling, such as the bottle body is packaged with polyester, and the bottle cap is packaged with polypropylene, so it is difficult to recycle. This new plantlovetm lipstick packaging breaks through the traditional limitations when selecting materials and is made of a single renewable polymer PLA. It is not only simple in production process, easy to recycle, but also environmentally friendly in raw materials, which meets the requirements of the sustainable development of industrial molding aluminum machines

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