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(high quality home decoration - Carty doors and windows) for online e-commerce and offline physical stores in the door and window industry, challenges and opportunities coexist, and the symbiosis of power and pressure will be self-evident. Enterprises should see that the current sharing economy is first of all an open economy, that is, open cooperation can share results. Whether online giants or offline enterprises, door and window enterprises cannot be conservative and closed

at the same time, the online and offline of the door and window industry is no longer a simple hostile mode of one change and the other, you die and I die. The topic of the inevitable death of physical stores or e-commerce has also changed from predictive topics to outright false propositions. In other words, the new retail era is not a topic of online and offline mass mortality, but an era of individual survival of the fittest and symbiosis. No door and window enterprise can live alone in a closed self world. If you seize the opportunity, you can survive. If you live in the past, you will be eliminated. The market has always been the best touchstone for services and products. From this point of view, online and offline integration is the general trend

some insiders said that "retail = Service + product". In the final analysis, the integration of online and offline interaction is the change of means and methods, and the user is the final judge. In this sense, no matter what the development trend of door and window market is, we need to see clearly the essence of "new retail marketing", identify the market, take users as the root, and take service as the foundation. Only by doing well in products and services can we truly stand on the market

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