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On June 6, 2018, the signing ceremony of ulia employee equity incentive and the unveiling ceremony of the company's information platform were grandly held

On June 6, 2018, the signing ceremony of equity incentive for Yulia employees and the unveiling ceremony of the company's information platform were grandly held

director Xu of Fangzi finance office delivered a speech

Mr. Zhao Zhongli, chairman of Yulia group delivered a speech

now let me take you to review the wonderful moments

equity incentive ceremony of on-site special report:

director Xu of Fangzi finance office and Mr. Zhao Zhongli, chairman of Yulia, presented honorary awards to the newly increased shareholding employees. Here, let's express our warm congratulations like excellent Yulia colleagues

equity representatives deliver a speech

group photo of new equity representatives


since the initial stage of entrepreneurship, Yulia has always believed that unity is strength. Career achievements belong to everyone. The whole staff shareholding system is the future of the enterprise, and only in this way can the enterprise survive forever in the society. Today, we not only launched the first round of employee equity reform, but also introduced a total of 8 industry masters to our shareholder system, including national first-class qualified engineering companies, Professor Liu of Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts, teacher Gu of Tsinghua Academy of Arts and crafts, and Qingdao Greentown real estate. I believe that with the growth of our wisdom and strength, our cause will enter a stage of rapid development

we will continue to attract excellent people to join our shareholder team. Everyone has the opportunity. As long as we unite and work hard, the bright future will belong to us

on site special report on the launch ceremony of the company's information platform: the launch of Yulia's information platform indicates that Yulia's production and management system will enter a new stage and open a new chapter in the industry

Mr. Zhao Zhongli, chairman of Yulia group, led senior leaders to the unveiling ceremony


at present, it is an era of economic sharing and extremely developed information. The launch of the information management platform will make us even stronger and provide a strong driving force for our development

chief engineer Han of platform research and development shared with you on the spot, training

president Zhang of Yulia group summarized the importance of information platform management

I believe that with persistent innovation and professionalism and an all-out attitude, Yulia will become a first-class brand in China's home furnishing industry and lead the new trend of China's and even the world's home furnishing industry

finally, I would like to thank the government and people from all walks of life for their support and recognition of Yulia, as well as every dedicated Yulia person

Yulia is a professional soft decoration company engaged in leather, fabric and soft bag decoration, integrating R & D, design, production and sales. Founded in 2005, the company has won the titles of "top ten brands of soft bags", "director unit of China Interior Decoration Association", "excellent brand enterprise", "innovative brand", etc. And passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. After 12 years of development, with regional chain franchise as the market orientation, Yulia has firmly occupied the middle and high-end market of the soft clothing industry and is deeply favored by the soft clothing industry

Royal elegance ・ passing on the beauty of life ― this is our brand belief and the sincerity and persistence that Yulia has always paid to the beautiful home art

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