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In the consciousness of many people, the bathroom is only a place to get up early and rest late for washing, which is often ignored in the decoration design process. In fact, the beautiful bathroom design is not only pleasant, but also can greatly improve the comfort of living. Take a look at the decoration design style of the following bathroom with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

as long as the colors are consistent, a slight difference in the texture of the wall tiles will not affect the visual sense of neatness. The glass sliding door effectively divides the dry and wet partitions of the bathroom. Unlike the wallpaper of the outer wall, the shower room chooses elegant tiles. The texture of wall tiles is very good-looking. The texture of wall and ceiling tiles changes slightly, but they adhere to the same color. The fine splicing is generous and elegant against the dark brown storage cabinet

with reasonable layout and local color decoration, the wall will have a disorderly and orderly "tangled" look. I don't know if you've played the little game "graffiti jump". There are no layers of scattered colored small square bricks dotted in the white wall bricks. Neutral white, cold colored small bricks, even if they are not spliced in a large area, the jumping paving presents a more active and exquisite bathroom space

worry about the lack of visual sense of large-scale use of the same color, and exaggerated color embellishment can break the monotonous situation of space. Wood grain bricks are used as toilet tile decoration, "penetrating into wood", showing a fresh, antique or simple and complex space temperament. The bathroom uses wood grain bricks in a large area, and the overall consistent appearance improves the cleanliness of the space and wins a good impression. Under the projection of light, this light wood grain floor tile is more bright. The white edge of the shower room is enclosed to "isolate" different functional areas, and the white decoration also makes a large area of wood grain tiles more attractive

the foundation of the space tone is not a large quantity, but a finishing touch. The tiles of one-sided wall are properly paved, and the desired space style naturally reveals. The pure color tiles with retro style are spliced in the shower room in a large area, and the small retro style is gorgeous. This retro feeling flows all the way from the shower room to the whole bathroom floor. The overall design is clean and tidy without muddy water




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