How to cultivate craftsman spirit in door and wind

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Towards the end of 2016, some media checked out the "top ten new words" in the 2016 government work report, among which "craftsman energy" was on the list. When "craftsman energy" first appeared in the government work report, it was refreshing and interesting, and caused great attention in all walks of life. Then various industries began to promote the energy of craftsmen. In addition to the energy level, the company also took practical actions to find more skilled craftsmen to come to work. However, in the process of looking for craftsmen, many companies have shown that there are too few craftsmen now, and there are not many people with craftsman energy

what can door and window enterprises do for craftsmen

"threehundred and sixty lines, each line produces a top performer. These craftsmen with profound craftsmanship in various fields have promoted the progress of society to a certain extent. But now, because of everyone's disrespect or neglect for craftsmen, these craftsmen with ingenuity are fewer and fewer, which is undoubtedly the loss of all industries." In this regard, door and window enterprises should consider how to cultivate their own company's craftsman energy

1 improve the management mechanism

to make the door and window craftsmen have determination to the company, the first thing the company should do is to pay attention to and respect these craftsmen, so that the technical talents can have a position, a higher income and a channel for development. In order to provide a fair environment for door and window craftsmen, door and window enterprises should establish a perfect management mechanism, implement level salary management for skilled workers, and arrange different positions according to the size of their responsibilities and the strength of their talents, so as to achieve internal fairness of the company

2 pay attention to humanistic care

in order for employees to devote all their body and mind to work every day, they also need to properly let employees relax. Provide leisure entertainment places for employees or arrange many leisure activities, have dinner with employees on time, and listen to their voices, so as to achieve the combination of work and rest

3 strengthen internal cultivation

craftsmen can be cultivated. The company should publicize the story of ingenuity internally, provide extra training, make accurate guidance, and then stimulate the craftsman energy of employees. As for some existing door and window craftsmen, we should still pay attention to the improvement of their skills, so that craftsmen can learn, communicate and discuss skills with each other. Care for the learning and growth of every employee, usually plan a clear work development path for employees, establish a sound improvement management mechanism, improve the talent team training program, and actively carry out various training activities. Through various common sense and technical training, improve the technical level of employees, provide a strong guarantee for the continuous development of the company, and also provide broad development space for employees. The trained craftsman, with improved technology and more sophisticated craftsmanship, has made excellent doors and windows, and has also been respected by more people

as "craftsman energy" is mentioned from the beginning, trusting artisans will also get more attention and respect. Let craftsmen live with dignity and dignity, and let companies with craftsman energy have a healthy market competition environment. Craftsman energy will take root and become a kind of social unity




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