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The first smart empowerment Center for small and medium-sized enterprises in China was established in Chongqing on January 17, the first smart empowerment Center for small and medium-sized enterprises in China was established in Chongqing, which is an important part of Chongqing's implementation of big data intelligent development strategy

it is understood that this is the first enabling center in China to provide intelligent upgrading services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It will radiate energy to the city's industrial enterprises through big data, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, high-end intelligence output, etc., continue to promote the city's industrial enterprises' big data intelligent development, and play a demonstration and leading role in the country

"Chongqing smart enabling Center for small and medium-sized enterprises" is jointly built by Chongqing high tech Zone Management Committee, Chongqing humilo Technology Co., Ltd. and SAP China Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAP). According to the cooperation agreement, the enabling center will help small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing solve problems such as intelligent procurement, intelligent production line, intelligent operation analysis, and establish a training base for enterprise intelligence and industrial interconnection talent incubation

"the enabling center will become the most influential platform for gathering, analyzing and applying Chongqing's industrial enterprise trade data and informatization data. With the help of SAP's technical strength, it will become a leading industrial big data platform at home and abroad, providing important service support for the development and application of Chongqing's big data." Liuxiaoqiang, director of the Management Committee of Chongqing high tech Zone, said

at the same time, focusing on the transformation of enterprise industrial interconnection services, sap and khumi will build an innovative platform based on intelligent manufacturing and enterprise procurement trade to provide services to external markets in the fields of procurement trade, intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing, etc

"Since 2001, Zongshen industry group has been the first batch of manufacturing enterprises in Chongqing to cooperate with SAP. Its performance has a great impact on the overall impact resistance of composite materials. At present, the positioning of the industrial interconnection platform incubated by Zongshen, khumi, is highly consistent with the layout of SAP industrial interconnection Chongqing, and the advantages and resources of both sides are highly complementary. Since the first half of this year, the two sides have had in-depth exchanges and high-level exchanges Through many consultations, we hope to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing's industrial enterprises, drive the growth of local taxes and GDP, and form a nationally leading enterprise intelligence and industrial interconnection industrial ecological chain in terms of scale and influence. " Huxianyuan, chairman of khumi, said

as a cloud company based on SAP Hana, sap is the world's leading provider of enterprise application software solutions. It is committed to helping enterprises of various industries and sizes achieve excellent operations. 77% of the global transaction revenue is related to SAP system. Through machine learning, IOT and advanced analysis technology, SAP provides users and enterprises with in-depth business insight to help them maintain a leading position in the competition

"we see a very good coincidence between the development plans of intelligent manufacturing proposed by Chongqing, especially the follow-up industrial cloud, and the transformation and application of real gold plate, big data and cloud platform." Lixudong, chief operating officer of SAP China, said that Chongqing is an important manufacturing city, with complex parts supply routes, production process combinations and different workshop needs. After being put on the cloud platform, it can achieve two needs: efficiency improvement and personalized customization, greatly improve labor production, prevent water from penetrating the bridge deck structure, and promote GDP growth

in the future, there will be great prospects for the use of clothing, shoes and hats, building energy conservation and other fields in empowerment. After the establishment of the heart, humi will be responsible for the operation, management and service promotion of the center platform and the implementation of enterprise services, and export the platform's management talent resources, operation and R & D team resources, local and platform enterprise market resources and scientific research and industrial talents of cooperative universities to the center

as the first industrial B2B innovation platform integrating online and offline in China, humi is an industrial interconnection innovation platform under Chongqing Zongshen industry group, and also the first batch of national industrial interconnection pilot demonstration projects released by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Chongqing Industrial interconnection platform and cloud service resource pool are selected as platforms

"with the help of SAP's technical capabilities and the government's policy and financial support, this cooperation has built a full ecological industrial chain solution for industrial enterprises, including industrial service system, industrial enterprise operation service system and industrial interconnection service system. In the future, we will strengthen the construction of interconnection platforms connecting employers and service providers for collaborative cooperation." Huxianyuan said

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