The first sterile pillow filling machine in China

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The first sterile pillow filling machine in China

Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. recently developed the tlp-1000c Quanlin sterile pillow filling machine, which has attracted widespread attention. Its appearance indicates that the filling machine produced in Europe can be produced in China

it is understood that the filling speed of this machine can reach 8000 ~ 9000 packages per hour, which is twice the filling speed of this type of machine in the existing market with the continuous emergence of innovative achievements. It is the first generation of single head high-speed aseptic filling machine in China. Various indicators of this machine will be further improved after ensuring that the experimental machine will not often crash in batch production. The successful trial production of this model is also an indispensable test instrument for scientific research institutions to conduct new material research, which means that China's liquid aseptic market has an additional choice. Dairy manufacturers can enjoy the same domestic high-quality aseptic filling machines and technical services as foreign-funded products

sound makes innovative scientific and technological equipment made in China world bright:

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