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The first stop of the national tour of Warburg Pincus solutions opened grandly on March 24, the national tour of Warburg Pincus smart city visualization application solutions opened grandly in Sheraton Hohhot hotel. As the first stop of the tour, the exhibition attracted nearly 100 customers and partners from the government, finance, education, it and other industries. At the meeting, Warburg Pincus shared with many guests the innovative achievements of three visual application solutions: smart and safe city, visual education and video petition

with the theme of smart city visualization application, the national tour shared Warburg Pincus' achievements in the field of video + in recent years with customers and partners through product publicity, solution demonstration and equipment display. The development and application of video communication technology in various industries are discussed in depth with you

speech by Mr. hujunjian

Mr. hujunjian, executive vice president of Warburg Pincus, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the customers who came to the meeting and the partners who cooperated with the ball screw pair driven by the Japanese Panasonic exchange servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system, and made a brief introduction to Warburg Pincus. President Hu said that Warburg Pincus has always attached great importance to and cherished the suggestions and needs of users and partners, and made efforts to provide the best products and services. At the same time, we also look forward to more extensive cooperation with our partners in Inner Mongolia and even the whole northern region to achieve more innovation and long-term development

Hong Jiaru still lacks or does not have a high-level R & D institution. Mr. Wei introduced the smart city solution

next, Mr. Hong Jiawei, the technical director of smart city business, introduced Warburg Pincus' smart city solution in detail, and shared several visual application cases such as safe city, smart emergency and smart government with the guests on the scene

as the leader of smart cities in China, Warburg Pincus has effectively integrated and applied advanced multimedia communication technology, network transmission technology, cloud computing technology, IOT technology, electronic sensing technology and computer software processing technology to help cities establish digital government affairs, digital industry and digital people's livelihood, and provide cities with information and intelligent platforms for government decision-making and office, urban management and enterprise management, Realize the intelligent management and operation of the city

most of Zheng's entrepreneurs do not have the ability to set up R & D teams and capital. Mr. Changhui introduced visual education solutions

in the field of education, the visual education solutions provided by Warburg Pincus can cover the complete teaching process before, during and after class, and are highly integrated with the teaching business. It can not only help teachers and students in remote classrooms to realize cross regional face-to-face teaching and counseling applications, but also provide classroom recording and broadcasting solutions that meet the needs of high-quality recording and broadcasting and normalized recording and broadcasting, as well as intelligent classroom supervision and educational resource management applications, so as to fully realize the sharing of high-quality educational resources and promote the balanced development of education

Mr. zhengchanghui, technical director of Warburg Pincus' education business, on the two platforms of visual education solutions? Three systems? The seven applications gave a detailed explanation to the guests

Mr. tanqianyue introduced the video cloud petition solution

subsequently, Mr. tanqianyue, sales director of Warburg Pincus video call center, shared the Warburg Pincus video cloud petition solution. Warburg Pincus video cloud petition system, based on the leading video call technology, has built a new Internet + Remote petition mode. Through the cloud petition portal, app and other channels, people can reflect their demands at any time and at any time without leaving home. This has greatly accelerated the circulation speed and communication efficiency of petition matters, greatly shortened the handling and reply cycle of petition cases, and also provided great convenience for the people

participants actively participated in discussion and exchange

during the interactive exchange, the on-site guests were well guaranteed to be active and enthusiastic, and showed great interest in solutions such as smart city, visual education, video letters and visits. After the meeting, many customers had further exchanges and discussions with Mr. hujunjian, the executive vice president, and the staff of Warburg Pincus. The Huhhot station of Warburg Pincus' National Smart City visualization solution tour came to a successful conclusion

on March 30, Warburg Pincus smart city visualization application promotion conference will be held in Kunming. Let's meet again in Kunming, a spring city with spring like seasons, and continue to discuss the future of video +

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