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On December 8, China's first self-developed solar variable frequency air conditioner went offline at Gree Electric. The first batch of 50000 new products were all supplied to the American market. Gree Electric will launch this product to the domestic market

other companies adopt leverage loading. According to the fact that a large amount of petroleum raw materials are consumed, this kind of air conditioner gives priority to solar energy as the main energy, and the insufficient part is supplemented by electricity

Huang Hui, chief engineer of Gree Electric Appliance and director of the national energy conservation and environmental protection refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center, said that Gree solar variable frequency air conditioners sold to the domestic market of flexible packaging enterprises in the United States this time have the function of solar inverter and can inverter the power generated by solar panels and integrate it into urban power when the air conditioner is not used. In the United States, solar energy and power generation have been supported by the government and have been used. Gree solar energy variable frequency air conditioning products have a good market prospect in the United States

Huang Hui also said that China is a large producer and consumer of air conditioners. With the increasingly mature and low-cost solar technology, the market prospect of this product in China is also very optimistic

Gree expects that the second generation of solar variable frequency air conditioners will be put into production in January next year. Compared with the first generation of solar variable frequency air conditioners coming off the line this time, the second generation of electric energy can be supplied by solar energy, realizing zero emission and more green environmental protection

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