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The first national stainless steel quality inspection center has been officially authorized by the state. Recently, the national certification and Accreditation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the certification and Accreditation Administration) officially authorized the national inspection center of Jiangsu Xinghua stainless steel quality inspection center to carry out testing services and issue testing reports as a national center. With the great care and support of Jiangsu provincial and municipal quality supervision departments, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, The national stainless steel quality inspection center located in the South Town of Dai, Xinghua City, which has made corresponding deformation (e.g. concave convex plate) was approved to be built in november2009. In november2010, it passed the "three in one" (metrological certification, review and approval, and laboratory approval) acceptance of the national certification and Accreditation Commission, becoming the first national quality inspection center in Taizhou and the first national stainless steel inspection screw downward rotation and measurement center in the country

the national stainless steel quality inspection center is a professional inspection and research institution for stainless steel materials and products that integrates testing, scientific research, information service and training. It has strong technical service capabilities. The testing scope includes 48 parameters of 55 products such as stainless steel wire, rod, nail and plate. The testing capabilities include chemical analysis Mechanical properties, process properties, metallographic tests, nondestructive testing and other five categories are applicable to cast steel, tool steel, standard parts, as well as Ferronickel, ferrosilicon and other raw materials. Her establishment has provided more powerful technical support for the development of stainless steel industry in "three cities and seven towns" with Dainan as the center, and will play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of stainless steel industry

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