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On August 4, yonghengli launched the first national tour of yonghengli's full range of forklifts in Shenzhen. More than 40 guests and friends from 20 companies in various industries in Shenzhen participated in the tour. The tour of this site also officially opened the curtain of a series of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the official establishment of yonghengli China Co., Ltd. with the theme of "pursuing dreams in ten years of passion"

the activity officially began after Mr. Zhangfeng, manager of yonghengli Guangzhou Branch, gave a brief welcome speech. Yonghengli employees creatively demonstrated the process of beverage receiving, storage and distribution by using yonghengli's full range of transportation equipment, cooperated with appropriate product explanations, and finally delivered the beverage to on-site customers. The clarity of the whole process may bring about a significant drop in cost, which shows the role and main characteristics of the whole series of yonghengli transportation equipment in different logistics links, and also makes the on-site guests feel the efficient performance and performance of yonghengli products more intuitively

after the performance, the on-site guests gathered around the equipment they were interested in to watch and consult closely. They were particularly interested in the snapfit lateral battery replacement system of yonghengli equipment, where the connectors were unqualified products. Compared with the traditional lifting battery replacement method, the yonghengli snapfit lateral battery replacement system can quickly and easily replace the forklift battery, which can not only reduce the downtime caused by the forklift battery replacement, but also improve the safety of battery replacement operation. After witnessing the yonghengli snapfit lateral battery replacement demonstration, customers praised the battery replacement method and expressed their strong interest in equipping the system equipment

in addition, another highlight brought by yonghengli in this tour is the handling of the "king of all things" - yonghengli EFG 430 electric counterweight forklift. This equipment originally imported from Germany has a load of up to 3 tons, which can be competent for all-weather indoor and outdoor working environment. The cold storage model can have stable and excellent performance in the working environment of minus 30 degrees. It is equipped with yonghengli's fourth generation three-phase AC technology and energy recharging system. The application of these two technologies and systems makes yonghengli EFG 430 less energy consumption and more efficient, and greatly prolongs the starting time of the electric plastic calender and its auxiliary machine, which is one of the most basic equipment. In addition, this model has a wealth of personalized configuration schemes to choose from, which can flexibly meet the different working conditions of customers in various industries

this tour was highly recognized by the on-site guests. They not only experienced the excellent product technology and quality of yonghengli, but also saw the innovation ability of yonghengli as an international leading internal logistics solution supplier and the product design concept focusing on customer needs

after the first tour of Shenzhen station, the team of yonghengli went to the next destination - Guangzhou, and the tour activities of many cities in other provinces and cities are also under close preparation. Please look forward to it

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