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A new start! The first stop of the "race for supremacy & Xiake line" is equipped with a ruler on the folding table. The grand occasion is unprecedented

a new start! The first stop of "competition for hegemony & Xiake" was an unprecedented grand event

China Construction Machinery Information

March 14

XCMG's "competition for hegemony Xiake" was vigorously upgraded

set up a challenge arena in Henan's "Hometown"

"service for thousands of miles" and "customer appreciation meeting"

also launched the

nearly 500 XCMG loader users

gathered together to participate in the event

."Four in one" new start

2021, "Competition", "Xiake travel", "service for miles" and "thank you meeting" were merged and upgraded to make a new start

from skill display to product trial, from working condition matching to complete set of solutions, from promotion policies to service implementation, XCMG has always injected vigorous vitality into the market with focus and care, bringing customers a "brand new XCMG, brand new products and brand new service" experience

at the competition site, master Qu, who is over 60 years old and has been dealing with machinery and equipment for most of his life, repeatedly praised his loader:

"since driving XCMG in 2018, the biggest feeling is that it is comfortable and not tired to drive. In addition, it is more efficient. During the peak period of business, about 30000 cubic meters of raw materials can be transferred every month without failure."

in the trial area beside the stadium, customers are also competing to experience the elongation of some materials above 1000%. "XCMG loaders are really good to drive! They are quick to use and very smart. The spring fatigue tester is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of air springs and damping springs used in various automobiles and motorcycles." President Hu, who just finished the test drive, drove straight from Puyang to the event site. He sighed with emotion that "not only did he experience XCMG's quality from zero distance, but also saw the style of his peers in the competition. It was a worthwhile trip!"

the king of loading surges in Henan

"take the initiative, service first! Gold medal service, make every effort to the whole process!"

taking advantage of the grand event of "the king of loading, surging Henan", the "March 15" visit of XCMG loaders to the "ten thousand miles of service" was grandly launched to go deep into the production line to understand user needs and effectively solve user problems

feedback to users' popular market

the activity not only fulfilled the dream of "shovel hero" for Henan robot operators, but also brought a series of machine purchase discounts to users. A user who signed a batch order for 12 sets on site joked:

"such a trustworthy brand, such easy-to-use equipment, such preferential policies, I feel that I will lose money if I don't buy more sets!"

the activity has received orders for nearly 300 complete machines and sales of millions of spare parts. The "Xiakexing" activity will also travel all over Henan in the next month, bringing value upgrading to customers

large country heavy equipment user oriented

XCMG "one track" focus on the main business

constantly create greater value for customers with "high-end quality and excellent service"

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