The first special attack of Iran's stealth UAV is

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The synchronization of transmission cannot be guaranteed after Iran completes the second transmission mode. The first special attack of stealth UAV is to attack Syrian terrorists

[original title] Iran completed the first special attack of the stealth unmanned composite material and the orientation machine of this longitudinal fiber to combat Syrian terrorists - source: Sina military - Wang Jing

Iran completed the first special attack of the stealth unmanned aircraft to combat Syrian terrorists

at 20:05 on October 1, 2018, Iran's semi official news agency, Fars news agency, released a new video. It shows that in the early morning of October 1, Iran used a suspected flying wing UAV to carry at least one air to ground missile to air attack militants near darzur, Syria. This UAV is called thunderbolt, which should be an improved version of Iran's reverse Imitation Based on the captured US military rq-170 sentry UAV. If more pictures and on-site videos can be obtained for confirmation, it is very likely that this is the first attack action against the enemy launched by stealth non attack aircraft in the history of no oil outflow from the oil return pipe. Of course, it is within the public scope

Iran completed its first stealth drone special attack to attack Syrian terrorists. Earlier, Iran's Revolutionary Guard issued a statement that it bombed the headquarters of militants in Syria with qiam surface to surface missiles. Iranian officials said the attack killed a large number of militants. In combination with these two distinctive beheading attacks, it can be seen that Iran was attacked at the military parade on September 22 a while ago, and that the US military and Israel made a tough counterattack after continuously attacking their army targets in Syria! Quite a surprise effect

the rq-170 of the U.S. military was captured by Iran in 2011. Iran displayed the finished imitation version of rq-170 for the first time at the 2014 Tehran aerospace equipment exhibition. In November of 2014, Iran announced for the first time the test flight of the imitation rq-170. At that time, Iran announced that we had completed the test flight in the second half of 2014 as agreed. At the same time, Iran also announced that unlike the US rq-170, the Iranian rq-170 can not only collect intelligence, but also participate in military operations. From now on, what Iran said is true. Indeed, the imitation version of R Jinan era assembled leaf spring test q-170 has built-in bomb chamber and bomb dropping capability

: Li Dawei

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