The first Slipform Paver in China has been put int

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The first Slipform Paver in China has been put into high-speed railway construction

Guide: the first HTH60T slipform cement concrete paver developed for high-speed railway construction in China has been delivered by Zoomlion to the purchasing unit, No. 2 Office of China Railway First Bureau, after several months of industrial assessment, and officially joined in the construction of Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line, marking that made in China has broken the Slipform Paver

China's first HTH60T sliding mode cement concrete paver developed for the construction of high-speed railway has passed several months of industrial assessment. Recently, Zoomlion delivered it to the purchasing unit, No. 2 Office of China Railway First Bureau, and officially joined the construction force measurement and hot processing mechanism of Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line. This indicates that "made in China" has broken the situation that foreign brands dominate the domestic market of sliding mode pavers

From 2019 to 2020, the subsidy standard will be reduced by 40% on the basis of 2016. The sliding mode cement concrete paver was developed in the mid-1960s, first appeared in the United States, followed by Germany and Japan. After decades of development, American brands represented by comago and CMI and the brand of German Wirtgen company have been formed. With the rise of high-grade highways in China, some domestic enterprises have successively spent a lot of money to introduce sliding mode pavers from the United States and Germany. China's construction machinery industry began to pay attention to the slip form paver in the early 1990s. Six enterprises have developed their products through technology introduction or independent development, but they have not been successful due to too difficult technology and market reasons. Therefore, the domestic slip form paver Market has been completely monopolized by foreign brands

Zoomlion HTH60T sliding mode cement concrete paver came off the production line on August 1st, 2007. In order to ensure stable quality, a series of field paving tests and industrial assessment were carried out. The hardness value and meaning measured until the end of May this year were not completely the same. The excellent performance of the machine in the assessment has won high praise from experts, user representatives and the supervisor. At the high-speed railway construction site of Yunxi First Bureau of China Railway in Yueyang, Hunan Province, the Zhonglian paver ran smoothly and achieved good results when paving the cement supporting layer of high-speed railway with a width of 3.4m and a thickness of 0.3m. All the indicators can meet the construction requirements, especially the inclined edges of the supporting layer can be formed into two inclined planes with different angles at one time, and its function exceeds that of foreign products of the same type. Due to the excellent vibration performance of Zoomlion paver, the compactness and strength of the paving layer exceed the design requirements. Therefore, the German supervisor of the project proposes to reduce the cement ratio of paving materials, which also saves 10% of the material cost for the project

xiangzhimin, chief commander and deputy director of China Railway First Bureau, yangjiangang, director of the Central Laboratory of China Railway First Bureau, Yin, director of the equipment department and other leaders and experts were very happy to see such a good effect of the Zhonglian paver, and they agreed to make decisions on the purchase on the spot

it is understood that Zoomlion HTH60T sliding mode cement concrete paver has technical advantages, filling the domestic gap, and has also applied for a number of national patents. Its paving quality has reached the design requirements of high-speed railway and expressway in China, and its main technical performance is superior to or equivalent to the same kind of foreign advanced products. Its selling price is less than two-thirds of that of similar foreign products, and the operating cost is significantly reduced. Due to the modular design, it can be easily extended to a universal paver for the construction of high-grade highways and urban roads; A super trowel can be added behind the slip form to further improve the surface quality of the pavement; The driving device of dowel bar can realize the synchronous and automatic driving of dowel bar and side pull rod; Adding side paving devices can also pave the structures on both sides of the road. With its good expansibility, Zoomlion Slipform Paver truly achieves multi-function and multi-purpose of one machine

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