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The first stage of Hubei College Students' entrepreneurship project ends with the flowering of entrepreneurship stores

the first stage of Hubei College Students' entrepreneurship project ends with the flowering of entrepreneurship stores

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[China coatings information] was jointly organized by this newspaper, Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Wuhan Shuanghu paint The first stage activity of "Shuanghu paint - College Students' Entrepreneurship Project" jointly organized by the provincial youth entrepreneurship and employment center was successfully completed. At present, the first batch of College Students' Entrepreneurship stores have been opened in Jingshan, Jianli, Macheng, Xuanen and other places

since the college students' entrepreneurship project was officially launched on January 7 this year, it has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. It has not only attracted more than 300 college students to sign up, but also created a whirlwind of entrepreneurship assistance in the coating industry. Since last month, a well-known coating enterprise in Guangdong has started the project to help rural college students start their own businesses. Not long ago, a well-known coating enterprise in Fujian also announced to help college student village officials and young people start their own businesses nationwide. For a time, the entrepreneurship projects of college students all over the country were surging

during this activity, 60 shortlisted college students not only participated in the 20 day systematic training, but also organized a number of College Students' representatives to Wuhan to participate in the entrepreneurship exchange meeting, the 1000 person dealer conference, etc. Some marketing and production front-line backbones and excellent dealers "hand in hand" teach entrepreneurial experience to college students. Xionghualin, the manager of Jingshan store, the first college student entrepreneurship store, said with emotion: thanks to the college student entrepreneurship project, I realized my entrepreneurial dream ahead of time

wuchaoan, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, said at the launching ceremony that promoting youth entrepreneurship is of great significance for cultivating market players and serving economic development. It can be called a hope project in the field of residual stress in the manufacturing and placement of polymers. As a result, the accuracy of the influence value was evaluated by yanjianquan, the person in charge of Wuhan united front promotion national entrepreneurship consulting service center. College students lack practical experience, and it is easy to stumble if they do not "help and guide" entrepreneurship. From this point of view, the college students' entrepreneurship project has set off an atmosphere to guide college students' Entrepreneurship in the whole society, which is of great social significance

the original intention of this activity is to "teach people to fish" rather than "teach people to fish". Yesterday, the organizer also reminded that entrepreneurship is a complex systematic project. If college students do not have sufficient ideological preparation for blind entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship may also fail. It will not only burden the family, but also dampen their own enthusiasm. Therefore, they must be considered carefully

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