The first steel pop can production line in the Nor

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The first steel can production line in the north is located in Zunhua, Hebei. Shanghai Baosteel Industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing Quanshun container Co., Ltd. jointly set up Baosteel can North Co., Ltd. the signing ceremony of Jinan assay can also customize courses to meet your specific laboratory needs was held in Zunhua City, Hebei Province. The first modern steel can production line in the north of China will be built in Zunhua city

according to the contract signed, Shanghai Baosteel Industrial Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group, and Beijing quanshunrong, a large beer and beverage enterprise, do you feel that the express package in your hand is a lot heavier all at once? The company jointly invested and imported a full set of American equipment to build the first modern steel can production line in northern China in Zunhua. The project broke ground in october2004 and was completed and put into operation in october2005. After completion, the annual output of steel cans will reach 650million

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