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Scientific research corn was stolen and lost tens of millions: can breeders encounter less difficulties

recently, a news has exploded in the major media. As an unknown industry personnel, I feel very excited to see "scientific research corn" in the headlines! But after reading the report, my heart became very heavy

"you think it's a worthless corncob, but in the hands of our teachers engaged in scientific research, it's really our own effort. It may have been raised for more than ten years like our sons and daughters!"

how many practitioners' voices did the teacher say? We engage in scientific research in obscurity, sometimes not even understood, but we still insist, just to be able to cultivate seeds with better properties

scientific research corn is the painstaking efforts of teachers and previous students who added 1 Quantitative EMI (2) 00 to Hunan Agricultural University to improve the plasticization of materials. Perhaps these scientific research corn did not reach the value of "tens of millions" uploaded, but it condensed everyone's efforts over the past decade. Even if you have "tens of millions", you can't buy this "ten years of hard work"

the "value" of scientific research corn is not the productivity of a single plant, but the research value it provides as a research object! If we can develop seeds with good properties and promote them on a large scale, it is called "changing industry" at a small scale and "benefiting mankind" at a large scale! Perhaps this is the reason why generations of breeders silently stick to the field

From the perspective of environmental protection effect

in fact, breeders will encounter many difficulties in the research process. These difficulties not only have external reasons, but also internal objective factors of the experiment, such as the control of crop planting environment, the measurement of crop growth traits at all stages, pests and diseases in the experimental field, etc?? These factors will increase the deviation of the experimental process, reduce the accuracy of the experimental results, and may even prevent the advance of the test and end the test cycle. After all, the breeding test is based on the "year" of China's synthetic rubber production capacity of 5.18 million tons. Once something goes wrong, the past time and energy will be wasted

fortunately, there are many instruments and systems that can be used to solve such problems! Topyunnong has been committed to building smart agriculture, and has developed "breeding informatization" and supporting solutions to assist researchers in scientific seed testing

first, through the intelligent greenhouse system, "water and fertilizer integration" and other systems to ensure that crop growth is in the best environment. Secondly, through the "four conditions monitoring" and other systems, the impact of diseases and pests on crop growth is eliminated. Finally, through the "breeding information" system, the crop growth state is dynamically measured, recorded and analyzed to ensure that every link is flawless and the test data is accurate, so as to ensure the scientific test of breeding researchers

the basis of breeding informatization is the measurement and recording of various data, which can intuitively compare the character information of plants in the growth process with the quality information of seeds. With the help of the high-tech instruments developed by top yunnong, breeders can quickly, conveniently and accurately obtain the corresponding data, effectively reducing the manual workload and the error value generated by manual operation

breeding refers to that the informatization of materials itself is characterized by the in-depth processing of collected data. With the help of the linkage between instruments and platforms, the collected multi-stage data can be clearly and intuitively displayed, which can help breeders fully understand the growth and seed status of crops, better analyze the quality of crops and seeds, and estimate crop yield, So as to screen high-quality varieties for a wider range of promotion tests

with the help of topyunnong's equipment system, the measurement work of breeders will become faster and more accurate. It is hoped that in the future breeding experiments, the "man-made disasters" and the influence of objective environmental factors can be eliminated, and the breeders can not worry about "trivial matters", and put more energy on overcoming technical problems, so that every "decade" is meaningful and fruitful

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