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Scientific instruments: leading the rapid development of smart home technology. In just a few decades, "smart home" has become a reality from the original concept, and gradually popularized in the family. Smart home involves IOT, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It is a more environmentally friendly, intelligent, comfortable and safe living environment, which is in line with people's pursuit of a simple, artistic and efficient lifestyle. The realization of smart home benefits from the rapid development of technology and the continuous emergence of advanced scientific instruments

sensing core: sensor

sensor is the basic component to realize automatic detection and automatic control. It is at the bottom of the whole IOT system. It is the core technology of IOT and an indispensable part of smart home. In the smart home space, there are all kinds of sensors, which develop with solid strides, and their strong perception ability injects vitality into the smart home

take the kitchen necessary for families as an example. In this area, water, coal and electricity are relatively concentrated, and there are many potential safety hazards, which are easy to cause various disasters and threaten people's life, health and property safety. The healthy kitchen security scheme composed of carbon monoxide sensor, smoke sensor and alarm sensor can realize the automatic detection of smoke, water leakage and gas leakage, and effectively solve the hidden dangers in the kitchen. Once the smoke, carbon monoxide or gas detection exceeds the standard, the system will automatically open the windows and exhaust fans, and give an audible and visual alarm or call to remind residents, so as to eliminate the accident in the bud

security defense line: infrared detector

infrared detector can convert invisible infrared radiation energy into other energy forms that are easy to measure. With the development of infrared detection technology, the application scope of infrared detectors has gradually expanded from the military and national defense field to the civil field, showing a strong application potential in smart home

safety is undoubtedly the primary consideration of a family, and infrared detectors can be called the "guard army" of family safety. The infrared detector is usually arranged at the door or window. If someone tries to invade, as long as he enters its detection range, the infrared detector will detect the infrared of the intruder, send a wireless alarm signal to the communication host to remind the owner, and realize the monitoring function. While giving an alarm, the infrared detector can also link the smart doors and windows in the home to close them and prevent intruders from entering the home. The infrared detector can not only prevent outsiders from invading from the window, but also connect the computer. It can turn right to enter the Dayou automobile bridge and drive along the Dayou automobile bridge for 600 meters. When the child climbs, it will sense the alarm, and link the wireless window magnetic sensor to close the window to prevent accidents

environmental housekeeper: environmental monitoring system

the indoor and outdoor environment greatly affects the comfort of living. Temperature, humidity and noise are the key factors affecting the quality of life. The goal of smart home is to provide a comfortable living environment for residents and optimize people's quality of life. Therefore, the importance of environmental monitoring system in smart home can be seen

at present, the smart home environment monitoring system mainly includes indoor temperature and humidity detection, indoor air quality detection, outdoor climate detection and outdoor noise detection. Intelligent products of environmental monitoring, such as integrated temperature and humidity sensors, solar radiation sensors, outdoor wind speed detectors, wireless noise sensors, etc., actively sense changes in the indoor and outdoor environment, collect and analyze environmental information, and then link smart home products (such as air purifiers, air conditioners, electric curtains, electric window openers) to adjust the indoor environment, making the home environment more comfortable and healthy

at present, smart home is showing a rapid growth trend, and young people have become the main force of market consumption. According to the "in-depth survey of China's smart home market and research and consultation report on investment opportunities" released by Sansheng consulting, it is estimated that the global smart home market will reach US $71billion in 2018. The prosperity of this industry is inseparable from the strong support of advanced technology and scientific instruments. Accordingly, the prosperity of the smart home industry will also promote technology 11 In the moving process, the pendulum should be removed and reformed to promote the rapid development of scientific instruments

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