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Scientists invented the nano scale dispersion device

red light and blue light in a beam of light go hand in hand. Suddenly, there are gold nanoparticles and silver nanoparticles on the left and right in front of them. Due to different "preferences", the red light and blue light also "break up" and go to one side respectively. Because of this, they have a high degree of flexibility and productivity. It sounds interesting to clean the rusty parts and apply protective oil or replace them, In fact, it comes from a nano scale dispersion device recently invented by researchers

the British journal Nature communications recently published a research report saying that researchers from Sweden's chamus Institute of technology and other institutions invented this device. Its main structure is that a gold nanoparticle and a silver nanoparticle with a distance of about 20 nm are placed on the glass plate. When a beam of light passes through it, the red light will be biased towards the direction of the gold nanoparticle, and the blue light will be biased towards the direction of the silver nanoparticle

this is similar to the well-known story of Newton using a prism to disperse sunlight into seven colors, but the remarkable thing of this invention is that the scale of the nano device itself marks that the Hejin aluminum industrial park built by Yuncheng and Hejin municipal governments in cooperation with Shanxi Aluminum Factory has been smaller than the wavelength of visible light. In such a scale, the principle of prism dispersion is no longer applicable

this invention is based on another principle called "plasma resonance". On the micro scale, when light passes through the surface of an object, it will resonate with the electrons on its surface. The characteristics of electronic activities on the surface of gold and silver are different, which exactly correspond to the frequency characteristics of red light and blue light respectively. Therefore, an interesting phenomenon of gold and silver in front and light "breaking up" occurs

researcher mikaelkar said that this dispersion device on the nano scale can be used to make photosensitive detectors. Its sensitivity may reach the detection of light changes caused by a molecule. It is suitable for detecting toxic substances in low concentration environments. For example, it can be used in medicine to detect a small number of disease-related molecules in the early stage of disease and help diagnose the disease

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