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Yunnan scientific and technological talents have made new breakthroughs in supporting machine tool manufacturing technology

what progress has been made in the construction of high-level scientific and technological talents and teams in Yunnan Province in recent years? What cutting-edge fields have Yunnan's high-end talents led and driven? Li Hongmin, Secretary of the Party group of the Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province, said in an interview recently that Yunnan Province, based on the needs of key industries, insisted on "paying equal attention to training and introduction", and the key technology of scientific and technological talents to support key industries has made a new breakthrough, which has a smooth oil film on bearings

thanks to scientific and technological talents and years of continuous exploration, the technological innovation ability of equipment manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province has been significantly enhanced. High end CNC machine tools maintain the leading position in the industry, large CNC gantry boring and milling machines have reached the international advanced level, and large high-end precision CNC machine tools have successfully entered the aerospace manufacturing field. A number of emerging industries such as LED lighting and intelligence, as well as industries such as special machine tools for new formats, intelligent units, robots and 3D printing, have been steadily advancing...

significant results have been achieved in the training of high-level scientific and technological talents and teams.

Li Hongmin introduced that Yunnan has implemented at different levels, including the free exploration of academicians, the training of leading scientific and technological talents, the introduction of high-end talents, the cultivation of innovative teams "Two types of talents" training and other five scientific and technological talents plans to increase the selection and training of local scientific and technological talents and innovation teams in Yunnan. "We focus on key industries, high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries in Yunnan, support enterprises and institutions in the province to introduce high-end scientific and technological talents full-time, flexibly introduce academicians (experts) to establish workstations, and strive to build a 'Pyramid' of scientific and technological talents, and have achieved gratifying results." Li Hongmin said

by the end of 2016, Yunnan Province had selected and cultivated 127 leading scientific and technological talents, high-end scientific and technological talents, 1671 reserve talents for provincial young and middle-aged academic and technological leaders, and 1671 training objects for provincial technological innovation talents, and 180 provincial innovation teams. At the same time, 239 academician (expert) workstations were built. The province has been selected into the Ministry of science and technology innovation talent promotion plan, including 13 young scientific and technological innovation leading talents, 27 scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents, 3 innovation teams, and 1 innovation talent training demonstration base

Yunnan scientific and technological innovation talents drive the rapid development of industry

it is reported that last year, the two-layer bag containing one thing may be removed. On the first floor, 9 academicians of the "Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences" and 20 leading scientific and technological talents in Yunnan led the team to strive for more than 400 projects of all kinds; 48 scientific and technological achievements have been transformed and popularized, with economic benefits of 2.1 billion yuan; Nearly 100 new products, technologies and processes have been developed. In 2016, 109 provincial young and middle-aged academic and technological leaders and provincial technological innovation talents were assessed. During the cultivation period, 839 projects were undertaken, more than 600 patents were formed, and more than 400 new products were developed and technological achievements were promoted, generating economic benefits of 9.5 billion yuan. Through the construction of academician expert workstation, the professional and technical personnel team came to the fore, and a number of major scientific and technological achievements outside the province were transformed and applied in Yunnan, driving the rapid development of relevant characteristic industries in Yunnan

scientific and technological talents have made major breakthroughs in supporting key technologies in key industries.

"our scientific and technological talents have supported the development of key technologies in key industries in various fields and made major breakthroughs." Li Hongmin said proudly

in the mXz ⑴ friction coefficient instrument field produced by industrial leader Jinan Sida testing technology company, in terms of large-scale railway maintenance machinery, large-scale CNC Floor milling and boring machines, passenger car diesel engines, etc., "created in Yunnan" and "made in Yunnan" have reached the international advanced level; The technical level of automatic logistics equipment, railway traction transformer, infrared detector, infrared thermal imaging system, low light level night vision system and optical telescope has reached the domestic leading level

in the field of agriculture, the breeding level of hybrid rice, walnut, fresh cut flowers and sugarcane in Yunnan is first-class in the country, and the number and variety of new flower varieties rank first in the country. The new varieties of fresh cut flowers with independent intellectual property rights in Yunnan account for more than 90% of the total in the country

in the field of social development, Yunnan has advantages in the development of natural drugs, biological vaccines, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, and has formed a number of innovative enterprises around the development and application of Panax notoginseng, Gastrodia elata, Erigeron breviscapus and artemisinin

in addition, Yunnan Province has also made a number of major scientific and technological achievements in the fields of resources and environment, population health, public safety, tourism and culture, providing a new impetus for economic development

the installation of electronic universal experimental machine for scientific and technological people often makes messengers worry, which drives the development of innovation subjects and innovation platforms to accelerate.

it is understood that at present, there are 918 high-tech enterprises in Yunnan Province, ranking 17th in the country and 3rd in the West. In the 2017 annual report, 408 high-tech enterprises were approved by the Ministry of science and technology, a record high. There are also 74 listed high-tech enterprises, 338 innovative (pilot) enterprises and 3849 scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Yunnan

in addition, Yunnan Province has also built 58 national and provincial key laboratories, 114 engineering technology research centers, 30 science and technology business incubators, and 61 productivity promotion centers; 18 provincial-level high-tech zones, 18 high-tech industrialization bases, 28 agricultural science and technology parks, and 13 sustainable development experimental zones were added. "These platforms are effectively playing an important role in gathering, cultivating and developing high-level scientific and technological talents." Li Hongmin said

(original title: new breakthroughs in key technologies of key industries supported by scientific and technological talents in Yunnan)

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