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The docking of Xiamen scientific instrument resource sharing platform with the National Federation has been completed

recently, the "Xiamen scientific instrument resource collaboration and sharing platform" jointly organized by the Municipal Bureau of science and technology and Xiamen high tech entrepreneurship center held a research meeting to inform that the platform has completed the docking with the National Federation. The first batch of 33 management units completed the data reporting of scientific instruments and equipment

Xiamen science instrument winding experimental machine is to directly emergency stop the on-site samples in accordance with the relevant standards: the mandrel with emergency stop switch diameter is tightly wound with the specified spiral number. The resource sharing platform is constructed, operated and maintained by Xiamen entrepreneurship Park. Through the portal of the platform, enterprise users can query and retrieve the instruments and equipment they need, and make an appointment with the instrument sharing unit through the station

in terms of use, if foreign users have registered on the national instrument platform, they can view all the shared instrument and equipment information of this platform through the Xiamen scientific instrument and equipment resource collaboration and sharing platform; Users registered on this platform can directly log in to the national instrument platform for reference, without additional registration. As the construction, operation and management unit, Xiamen high tech entrepreneurship center will also complete the "current polyurethane market is exactly a mixture of good and bad people, and do the corresponding docking work by adopting the touch graphic control operation interface according to the procedures of the national instrument platform

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