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It is difficult for scientific research achievements to be converted into patents

it is learned from the Intellectual Property Office of Qinghai province that many scientific research achievements in Qinghai Province are difficult to be converted into patents, thus forming productivity, and the number of patents it has ranks second to last in the country. At present, this situation has become a major obstacle to the economic development of Qinghai

it is understood that among the more than 1200 patents owned by Qinghai Province at present, utility models account for more than 70%, design patents account for 17%, and real invention and creation patents account for only 9%. Among the top 50 enterprises in Qinghai in 2004, only a few production-oriented enterprises such as chemical industry, machinery and alcohol have patented technology. Even some enterprises with patented intellectual property rights lack competitiveness in the market due to the interruption of patented technology

according to the investigation of Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office, almost all large and medium-sized enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities in Qinghai Province have scientific and technological achievements, but few patents. Among the 124 patent applications accepted in 2004, enterprises accounted for 29. Colleges and universities and scientific research institutions only applied for 12 because of their functions. Some scientific and technological units have 70, 80 or more scientific and technological achievements every year, but there is no patent. There are many reasons for this situation. For many years, professional title evaluation, job promotion, bonus distribution and other aspects have been directly linked to the evaluation and achievement appraisal of papers. Applying for a patent not only costs money, but more importantly, it is difficult to transform and crack down on infringement under the current system. The implementation of the patent can control the error within the whole range of the patent right within 0.5% in the same direction, which often brings high cost and low income. Therefore, for a long time, after researching and developing an achievement, researchers only pay attention to publishing articles, identifying achievements and applying for awards, while ignoring the ownership of various new possibilities brought by the high-end automobile manufacturing industry with patent rights. Among the 15 scientific and technological achievements commended by Qinghai Province in 2003, only 3 have applied for patents; Among the 15 scientific and technological achievements commended by Qinghai Province in 2004, only one has obtained a national patent

the low investment of intellectual property funds and the insufficient source of independent intellectual property innovation have become a major obstacle to the economic development of Qinghai Province. At present, the lack of original ability is becoming increasingly prominent, with few invention patents and low innovation level. From 1989 to now, Qinghai Province has accepted more than 1200 patents, which is only equivalent to the number of applications of well-known foreign enterprises for two years. Moreover, many patents in Qinghai Province have been abandoned automatically because they can't afford it

it is also understood that at present, most provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China have intellectual property. Among them, Pingmei, which has the largest market value, has a loss of 1.331 billion yuan, which is used for the development and protection of intellectual property rights. However, Qinghai Province has not yet set up a fund in this regard, and many patents still have an embarrassing situation that they can't afford to apply for but can't afford due to financial problems. (end)

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