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There is a long way to go for scientific research and innovation. Domestic instruments also need to seek for better compatibility between SEBS foaming materials and EVA

scientific research and innovation. These two words may be familiar and unfamiliar to many people. Continuous innovation is the main reason for the success of the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries in economic development and scientific research. Therefore, China has now realized the importance of scientific and technological innovation in improving international competitiveness in 2013, but several high-speed railways have been put into operation. In recent years, although China has many amazing ambitions and practical actions in scientific and technological innovation, it is still ineffective. Scientific innovation is a long way to go, and it is too far from the real scientific research achievements

the development of China's scientific and technological undertakings does not meet the urgent requirements of completing the adjustment of the economic structure and the transformation of the mode of economic growth, the urgent requirements of effectively turning economic and social development into a people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable track, and the urgent requirements of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and constantly improving people's living standards. We must make greater efforts to further deepen scientific and technological reform, vigorously promote scientific and technological progress and innovation, drive a qualitative leap in productivity, promote China's economic growth from resource dependent to innovation driven, and promote economic and social development to effectively turn into the track of scientific development. However, China is currently facing many problems in the field of scientific research and innovation

first of all, the vast majority of scientific research instruments in China's scientific research institutions are imported from abroad, which is difficult to change at present and in the future for a long time. If China's scientific instrument industry does not develop, our scientific research will be greatly restricted. The cost of high-level scientific research is staggering, and scientific and technological innovation is difficult to talk about. However, the production and manufacturing of scientific instruments are closely connected with scientific and technological innovation, which is really a difficult situation

in addition, innovative technology and new product ideas are also another difficulty that restricts China's scientific research and innovation. Domestic enterprises lack the ability and awareness to discover innovative scientific research achievements, which also restricts China's scientific research and innovation. Of course, there are many factors that restrict China's scientific and technological innovation, such as weak intellectual property protection and blindly imitating and tracking. These factors make it difficult for China to achieve scientific and technological innovation and have a long way to go

in general, the construction of scientific research innovation and even the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is a long-term project, and domestic instruments play an indispensable role in this process. In the current scientific research work, it seems to have become a well deserved engine pull and strong backing. It is hoped that China's domestic instruments will be better and better in the future, which will not only promote the development of scientific and technological innovation, but also promote the transformation of China's scientific and technological achievements

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