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Scientific enlightenment reaction "Hitachi Science Classroom" opens in Shanghai

scientific enlightenment reaction "Hitachi Science Classroom" opens in Shanghai

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shows scientific charm and enlightens rational wisdom. In 2017, the theme public welfare activity of "Hitachi Science Classroom" was launched in Chinese Mainland for the first time. On September 24, 2019, just at the beginning of school, the public welfare activity with the theme of "Hitachi Science Classroom" came to Shanghai again and entered Hua'er junior middle school, bringing a new open science class to 252 junior high school students

"Hitachi Science Classroom" activity, initiated by Hitachi Hi Tech Co., Ltd., has been widely carried out in Japan and the United States, and has produced good public welfare results. This activity, jointly organized by Hitachi high tech (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. and Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., aims to lead students to discover and perceive the scientific wisdom around them, enhance knowledge, broaden their horizons, and cultivate middle school students' interest in exploring the unknown scientific world through professional explanations and effective interaction

students are interested in interesting experiments

in class, volunteer teachers explain scientific principles in vivid, humorous and popular language, making boring knowledge interesting. With the help of Hitachi electron microscope, which can magnify objects by 30000 times, students can explore the mysteries of biology in the unprecedented micro world, and their desire for knowledge is fully stimulated; At the same time, volunteers from Hitachi construction machinery also demonstrated the working principle of excavators and the latest knowledge of hybrid technology through multimedia, so that the children had a preliminary understanding of construction machinery

volunteer teachers Xu Shuangli and Li Jiajing from Hitachi high tech (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. are explaining the knowledge of Hitachi electron microscope

Jiang Xueqian from the public relations department of Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. explains the knowledge of excavators

this public welfare class has not only received the strong support of the people's Liberation Army led by the school of Shanghai Hua'er junior high school, but also with the consideration of the Central Military Commission, It was also warmly welcomed by the majority of teachers and students. Every participant was deeply impressed by the students' attentive attitude, the volunteers' simple and easy teaching, and the enthusiastic interaction in the classroom

in addition to the "science classroom", Hitachi Group and all enterprises in China have always paid attention to social welfare education as an important aspect of the group's CSR operation for many years. In recent years, the "Hitachi environmental protection class" has been widely carried out. Through the above-mentioned problems that children love to see, it is still unable to eliminate the form of fault field interaction, actively disseminate environmental protection knowledge and green ideas, and help primary and secondary school students establish a correct Environmental Outlook from childhood. In addition, the basic education support project represented by "Hitachi construction machinery Songgang hope primary school" has sent warmth and hope to children in remote mountainous areas, which has been fully affirmed by the government and society

in the future, "polynil P240 LHSV displayed by Hitachi Eli (Suzhou) Engineering Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. is a classroom for high temperature nylon composite and semi aromatic nylon composite solutions" will be carried out year by year, constantly enriching content and expanding influence, effectively helping the quality education construction of primary and secondary school campuses, and making more children fall in love with science and study science. Hitachi China will also continue to make efforts to better carry out localized operations and achieve high-quality sustainable development

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