The hottest spandex market is stable and rising

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The spandex market is stable and upward

last week, the domestic spandex market showed a stable and upward operation pattern of leading prices. At the beginning of the week, under the influence of a small number of orders that have been in place since late August, prompting dealers and weaving mills to see the bottom of the current and bullish market mentality, they continued to maintain a relatively positive purchase operation of spandex, and caused the whole production surface to show inventory decline, tight supply 'and even the proliferation of some specification shortages, the manufacturers' bullish mentality began to concentrate again, After negotiation, the new quotation operation of raising RMB/ton mainly by 40d was formulated and introduced successively. Although the subsequent actual transaction level was subject to the continued execution of many early orders, and many customers were generally resistant to the new price after completing an appropriate amount of position replenishment before the rally, especially in production, there was a considerable number of devices on the whole supply side would restart, and there was a bearish expectation, but they still maintained stability and wait-and-see operations, resulting in insufficient follow-up of actual transactions, but with the completion of the successive execution of many orders, Driven by the market bullish expectations and the continuation of some terminal orders, many demands began to follow the small increase or individual C) test process: measurement, display, analysis, etc. were completed by computers; Execute according to the quotation, but push up the transaction center. 4. The impact professional high-precision sensor is moving up slowly. By the end of the week, the scope of 40d new orders had been followed up to yuan/ton, and a small amount of goods were traded at the high level of yuan/ton

after the spandex industry coordinated and reached a unified intention to increase the price, the domestic spandex trading market has shown a steady upward operating pattern recently. Specifically, although subject to the continued execution of the early signing of many downstream manufacturers, a considerable amount of 40d supply remained at yuan/ton, but with the continuation of the optimistic trading atmosphere in the market and the declining inventory pressure on the supply side, the expectation of rising is becoming stronger, and many new orders have been traded after rising, 40d shipping center has slowly risen to yuan/ton, but limited to the high price resistance mentality in the downstream, there are still few high-end transactions

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