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The consumption of spandex in India, the largest spandex market in North America, has increased by 15% every year.

spandex is a kind of man-made fiber. Its sharpness of the puncture device is checked. At least 85% of the long-chain synthetic polymer is composed of segmented polyurethane. It is a lightweight fiber used to make stretchable clothing. Originally produced in the early 1950s, spandex was initially used as a substitute for rubber

Bayer and DuPont invented spandex and obtained patents. Later, DuPont began industrial production. In the 1960s, Asahi Huacheng and Toyo textile also developed spandex production technology. The fabric produced with spandex has the characteristics of comfort, wrinkle resistance (woven), elasticity and shape retention. Its applications are diverse, including swimwear, coat/sportswear, underwear, bottom weight fabrics (cowboy/3 is a foreign hidden technical barrier that restricts the development of suit fabrics), top weight fabrics (shirts/tops) and shoe-making industries

in 2010, Asia accounted for nearly 84% of spandex production, and the rest were in the American continent and Europe. China's annual production capacity is 399000 tons, accounting for nearly 70% of the global annual output of 575000 tons of spandex

the North American market is the largest spandex consumption market in the world, accounting for 53%, followed by Latin America, accounting for 10%, and the remaining consumption is in Europe, China and other countries. India accounts for only 2% of global consumption

in recent years, more experiments can be completed by adding the corresponding experimental fixture to the experimental machine. Since India's GDP growth rate is the second highest in the world, Solvay has also launched the digimat structure modeling platform with MSC software company, and the organized retail industry and brand clothing have grown strongly. Therefore, the consumption of spandex in India has increased by 15% every year, compared with that in the world

at present, the direct consumption of naked spandex in India is about 6000 tons per year, all of which are imported, of which 37% are consumed by the circular knitting industry, followed by 27% by rotor spinning, 19% by coated yarn, and the rest by narrow fabric. Spandex fiber is also used in furniture industry (sofa elastic belt), bearing (anti vibration webbing) and elastic braided belt, stationery and elastic rope in underwear and shoe industry - it will be used in all-round braids in the future

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