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The space suit ensures the astronauts to rotate freely through air tight bearings

"the extravehicular space suit is the key for the Shenzhou VII astronauts to walk out of the capsule. The name of China's extravehicular space suit is "Feitian", which weighs 120 kg, but it will not feel heavy after going to heaven. Liu Xiangyang introduced that the value of a single set of "Feitian" extravehicular spacesuit is as high as 30million yuan. But on the whole, our development of extravehicular services is relatively cost-effective. The reliability coefficient of the extravehicular spacesuit is 0.997, which can support four hours of extravehicular activities...

"Feitian" extravehicular spacesuit entered the development process in July 2004, and all the development work was completed by July 2008. Liu Xiangyang said that the whole clothing development has experienced the program stage, the initial sample stage and the normal sample stage. In the whole process, more than 10 sets of extravehicular space suits were made successively. After astronauts try on and relevant training, it is proved that our "Feitian" extravehicular space suit can meet the requirements of Shenzhou VII mission

the extravehicular activity time of the astronauts of Shenzhou VII mission is about half an hour, while the "Feitian" extravehicular space suit has a 4-hour extravehicular capability and an hour of standby time. In the actual test, it can take longer to achieve, but the target task is 4 hours

"Feitian" extravehicular space suit can reach a maximum of 2 meters, with a torso like armor, limbs like bread, and a 1.30-meter backpack... It is very like a thickened, oversized down jacket. The clothes are all white, from top to bottom are helmet, upper limbs, trunk, lower limbs, pressure gloves and boots

. The limbs of the clothes are equipped with adjusting belts. By adjusting the length of the upper arm, forearm and lower limb, people 1.60 ~ 1.80 meters tall can wear this suit

 the design thickness of the trunk of the extravehicular space suit is 1.5mm, and various instruments are densely packed on the aluminum alloy trunk shell: the error of the test results of the electric control console is negative, the gas-liquid console, the gas-liquid combined socket, the emergency oxygen supply pipe, and the electric umbilical cord. In the electric control console, which is only more than ten centimeters square, there are nine switches, such as lighting, digital control, mechanical pressure gauge, etc., and there are more than 20 valves in the gas-liquid console. This is simply to move the entire control console of the spacecraft to the astronauts. No wonder the cost of the whole set of clothes is about 30million yuan

Liu Xiangyang said that the extravehicular space suit is the most difficult technology in China's third manned space flight. Although they are all spacesuits, the extravehicular service is completely different from the in-flight service. The cabin service only guarantees the pressure, but the cabin service has to manage everything. Most of the functions of the spacecraft should be realized in the extravehicular service. According to the characteristics of the microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine of Jinan testing machine, the extravehicular service is a small "spacecraft" worn on the body

 in general, the extravehicular service provides three guarantees for the hardness testers who also provide hardness testing of the equipment. First, the protection of radiation, vacuum, micro dust and other environments; Second, life support, that is, to maintain a suitable gas, temperature and humidity environment for human survival; Third, good efficacy guarantee ensures that astronauts can carry out space operations such as maintenance equipment wearing extravehicular clothing

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