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Recently, Xi'an Aerospace Huayang, located in Xi'an Aerospace base, has welcomed technicians from the international paper industry from the United States through a number of practical industrial utilization examples to illustrate how hydrogel has become a class 1 important material for medical device manufacturers, The purpose of their trip is to check and accept the E-fly satellite flexographic printing machine manufactured by the company for the British factory of international paper industry, which is also the first time that this high-end printing equipment has been exported to Europe

it is understood that Huayang company of the aerospace base is the earliest R & D and production enterprise engaged in the wide width satellite flexographic printing machine in China. After nearly 10 years of technological accumulation and continuous innovation, it has reached the stage of independent development, production and manufacturing of high-end satellite flexographic printing machines, and the performance and quality of the equipment are at the leading level in the same industry in China. With aerospace and military technology as the core, the E-fly satellite flexographic printing machine developed by using world-class technologies such as system integrated control and data communication, electronic shaft sleeve type plate roller and wrinkle roller, and quick change order has a running speed of more than 300 meters/minute, and has won a total of 3 purchase orders from the international paper industry of the world's top 500 enterprises, with a total amount of nearly 50 million yuan

Europe is the birthplace of modern printing technology and printing machinery. The company provides the upstream lithium resources to the companies in the midstream as cathode materials. It is also the hometown of satellite flexographic press, representing the highest technical level of this type of machine in the world today. Huayang company of the space base can export the satellite flexo printing machine equipment to the UK, marking that the satellite flexo printing machine manufactured in China has reached the international level and has the strength to compete with the old European satellite flexo printing machine manufacturers

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