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Spam has become a stumbling block to the development of e-commerce

according to a study in the United States, e-mail users not only hate spam, but most of them believe that shopping activities are the direct reason why they receive more spam. In the survey, 43% of people said that their email address was "almost certainly" obtained by the other party when they visited a vendor's website. 2formlabs launched two new resin materials for dental 3D printing, and 9% said that this possibility was "relatively large". Experts pointed out that such awareness among Internet users is very detrimental to the sustainable development of e-commerce, because it means that people believe that the more they participate in e-commerce, the more spam they will cause. The survey also found that people expressed strong doubts about the self-discipline of sellers or other stations in using the user information they collected. More than half of the people believe that enterprises' sending spam has seriously infringed upon the rights and interests of consumers. When asked about adopting legislative measures to combat spam, 42% expressed strong support for this, and 27% expressed support for the relevant legislation to punish spam as a crime, and asked the U.S. government to take corresponding measures. The overwhelming majority of people expressed support for giving access service providers the right to sue spammers through relevant laws. U.S. congressman Heather Wilson and others said that this investigation once again fully shows that the anti spam bill they submitted to Congress is to cope with the government's spam inspection bill, which is very timely. The bill has been approved by an absolute majority of the house telecommunications, trade and Consumer Protection Committee and will be submitted to all members of the Commerce Committee for consideration in the coming weeks. (Wang Lun, the author of China computer daily, whose downstream demand remains weak)

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